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The start of another work week for everyone and unfortunately for me as well.  It’s becoming painfully obvious that I’m working much harder being retired than when I was actually working.  For some reason I expected that taking early retirement was going to be the end of my labors and believing that  makes me a gigantic moron.  I should have know better.

I started with a huge and complicated goal when I took retirement.  I sold my home and together with my better-half we decided to update and repair her home.  I must have been brain damaged as a child to even think to take on a project like that especially dealing with a thirty year old home with five bedrooms.  I now only have one wish.  I want to meet the effing a-hole who built this place and I want to beat him with a huge stick for about an hour. There isn’t a square room in the entire building, the wiring was a complete and utter disaster, and who in their right effing mind puts drop ceilings in the kitchen and bedrooms.

I thought I was some kind of handy-man when I started this project but I’m a whole lot smarter now.  In the last five years I’ve touched damn near every wire, board, window, door, and floor in the freaking building.  Guess what?  I’m still not finished.  If I’m lucky I’ll have the entire house completed except for the kitchen within the next eighteen months. I won’t even begin to tell you what a nightmare the kitchen will be.  It has to be gutted completely and redone from scratch.

With my luck I’ll finally get this place finished and then I’ll get hit by a truck getting the mail from the mailbox.  I’ve done a few things in my life that deserve a karmic slap but I for the life of me I can’t remember doing anything bad enough to deserve this house. KMN

Enough of the whining.  I just left Lowes with a load of material so I can get started on the drywall installation in my bedroom remodel.  Lowes should make me their official mascot for this particular store since I spent enough money here to drive their sales for the last four years.

I’m going to finish this bedroom and then I’m taking the summer off.  No hammers, nails, paint, or anything else.  I going to relax, take lots of photographs, visit distant lands (within Maine), and enjoy the warm weather and the beach.  That should clear my head enough to prepare me for next winters project. 

Someone help me, I’m trapped in Maine and I can’t get out.

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