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This day is just about over and it’s been another day of continuing preparation for the drywall installation into our newly redone bedroom.  It’s taken most of the winter to strip out this room and redo the electrical, framing, and flooring but at least now I can finally see the effing light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time it’s not a train rushing towards me going a hundred miles an hour.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the snow to melt so I can dig out the fire pit and have my normal spring bonfire.  It’s the easiest way to clean out the garage and workshop of the winter’s accumulation of wood scraps and worthless construction materials.  It beats the alternative of paying someone to pick it up and haul it away.  I purposely have the bonfire each spring before the area dry’s out and the fire becomes a hazard.  As in most local towns they have a lame requirement for  burning permits and to that I’m forced to say "Catch me if you can". Everything right now within a hundred miles of this house is so wet you couldn’t start a fire if you wanted to.  I normally refuse to obey ordinances that make no sense and this is one of those occasions.  The last thing I need are town yokels showing up to give official approval to my fire.  Stupid government intrusions!

I actually find myself being effected by a disease known here in Maine as Early Spring Syndrome.  I forced myself to take my lawn tractor out for a short spin today to charge the battery and check it’s general condition.  It was all good until I got stuck in the snow and had to shovel it out.  ESS is a dangerously stupid condition that makes you feel good and ridiculous all at the same time.

I’m now sitting here in the kitchen having a coffee and watching my neighbor hanging her laundry on their clothesline.  This women and her daughters truly puzzle me at times.  I’ve watched over the years as they’ve hung their laundry out in ten degree weather where it freezes as stiff as a board. I must admit that a clothes line full of frozen bra’s and panties swinging in the wind can be interesting but it just seems pointless.  Now if they were hanging laundry on the line wearing just their bras and panties I might reconsider just how interesting it is. I watch in amazement as they stand in a driving rain storm to hang out their bed sheets and other unmentionables.   Am I missing something here?  Do they really know something I don’t?  I just haven’t figured it out yet. I may start taking photo’s of them in different seasonal weather conditions and publish a really strange coffee table book filled with my sarcastic and wise-ass commentary.  I love the idea but I’m almost certain they wouldn’t.

Well, it’s time for the better-half to arrive from work and I think she’s expecting a meal to be waiting for her.  Oh well, everyone wants something.

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