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Do you have termites?  Are you aware of termites?  If you answered yes to those two questions then you are eligible to participate in Termite Awareness Week celebrated between March 25-29.   Another of those socially responsible and politically correct observances that no one ever pays attention to.  I really don’t have more more to say in the matter since it’s a totally ridiculous observance.  I just thought it was my civic duty to make everyone aware.  What’s the point in having observances if no one is observing.

Iā€™m about to rant a bit about a few things political so those of you with your heads in the sand may want to go elsewhere. This morning my better-half and I made the mistake of going food shopping at a local establishment.  I hope your all as happy as I am to see the food prices continuing to skyrocket.  It was also a good week for bad news for those of us on a fixed income. Medicare costs are climbing at a rate well beyond food costs, gas prices are climbing to near $4.00 a gallon, and my taxes are going through the roof. Am I I permitted to complain and bitch or is that against the rules these days. My Medicare Supplemental program just advised me that my monthly premiums will be increased approximately 55% in the coming months along with most of the deductibles and co-pays.  Just good news all around thanks to the skilled crafters of the Obamacare Medical Plan and the big ā€œOā€ himself.

My doctor of 12 years announced a month ago that he and his wife (also a doctor) had sold their practice and were leaving the country.  It was no longer possible for them to afford to stay here under the preposterous government mandated Obamacare increases and restrictive rules.  Remind me to thank the effing President for nothing except maybe destroying the countries healthcare system and the economy in one fatal swoop.

I hope all of you Obama supports will line up at the polls in a few years to help elect him for a third term.  I figure he’s been working diligently to find a way to bypass the constitution once again and make himself President/King/Dictator for life.  Then we can show the world what a second rate country we really are becoming with our own version of Hugo Chavez.

What a freaking nightmare!

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  1. And in Cyprus the government seized assets today …

  2. What about the termites?

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