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Please, can someone explain to me just how I can go about getting "writers block".  It seems the only way I’ll be able to get some rest is if I can’t write anything at all.  Slowly over a period of time starting about three years ago my mind went into overdrive.  Now I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes more than once, with ideas demanding my attention.

At first I would get up, grab some coffee, sit at the computer, write out a quick draft, and then return to bed.  That got old very quickly so I decided to keep a notepad next to the bed. I could then just roll over and jot down notes without getting up at all. That sucked almost immediately when I had difficulty reading my half-asleep handwriting. Finally I purchased a small handheld recorder which didn’t work either. My recordings were so bad I sounded like I had a mouthful of rocks. Scratch that idea.

Well guess what I’m doing now.  Since I refuse to get up and get on the computer and I can’t write or record anything I understand, I’ve been stricken with an annoying case of insomnia.  I’ve experienced a number of things over the years that were unpleasant but this is by far the worst.  I’m awakened from a dead sleep and begin to recite to myself the thing that so rudely woke me up.

I’ve since tried dropping a couple of Tylenol PM’s before bed which helps me get to sleep but not to stay asleep.  I tried alcohol but unfortunately for me it’s more of a stimulant than a sleep aid.  It’s driving me just a little bit crazy of late because the only time I seem to get any sound sleep is in mid-afternoon for no more than twenty minutes at a time.

Another side effect which my better-half has mentioned on a number of occasions is that it’s making me just a bit cranky.  My normal fun loving self has slowly morphed into a newer and more sarcastic Don Rickles.  I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that this crap has to stop.  I cleaned up the actual language she used because this is supposed to be a "G" rated blog and I understand how sensitive some of you are. The point she’s trying to make is that the more screwed up my sleep is the more miserable, unfriendly, and argumentative I’ve become.

I’m hoping these problems soon rectify themselves with the beginning of Spring, warmer weather, and increased physical activity. If they don’t I could be in big trouble.

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