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Are you a real movie fan?  Do you prefer old movies or do you wait patiently for the new ones to arrive.  For most of my life I was an occasional movie watcher but it was never something all that important to me.  I never went out of my way to spend money or my time in searching out movies to watch.  It wasn’t until cable TV came into it’s own with the Turner Classic Movie Network that I discovered how much I’d missed and in more cases what I was glad I missed.

What I did discover was that going to movie theaters and paying the big prices was no longer all that necessary.  One of my pet peeves has always been people who refuse to shut up while in a movie theater.  On many occasions I found myself exchanging rather harsh words with a few of those ignorant individuals who obviously had no respect for other moviegoers. The result of those incidents have kept me from almost all movie theaters ever since.  The up-side to that is I’m able to watch many more movies than I normally would have in the privacy of my home without any annoying interruptions.  For me it’s worth waiting a few extra months until a movie goes to DVD where I can then watch it at home and truly enjoy it.

We’ve all had those times watching movies where we’ve been touched by a scene that was so well done and meaningful that we’ll remember it forever. In recent years I’ve become much more of a movie aficionado that I ever thought I could.  There are thousands of movies available from all genres but unfortunately only a small percentage are worth seeing more than once. With all of the TV channels and other resources the number of movies readily available for viewing is almost unlimited.

I’ve also discovered that certain movies have stuck with me in a more permanent way.  There are a certain few movies that I can sit and watch over and over again and enjoy them just as much as the first time I saw them.  These special movies are few in number and from different genres and aren’t dependent on any specific actor or actress.  If I see one of them listed or I chance upon one accidentally, any other programs are immediately forgotten and I begin watching it again.  It’s like spending time with an old friend.  Here’s my top ten list in no particular order of importance.

  • Ben-Hur
  • Young Frankenstein
  • Avatar
  • The Shootist
  • Under Siege
  • Notting Hill
  • Star Wars (The First Movie)
  • The Shooter
  • Robin Hood (With Errol Flynn)
  • Star Trek – The Voyage Home

There appears to be no rhyme or reason for that list and no other common denominators I can find.  I own many of them on DVD and have been known to sneak away if I have an hour or two of quiet time to just sit and enjoy.  I appreciate them more each year because they help me forget the hundreds and hundreds of really bad movies that the cable stations continue to play over and over again.

Stick me on a desert island with  my 100 favorite books and these movies and you’ll never see my fat ass again.

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  1. Well thank God it wasn’t “Robin Hood, men in tights” that made the list I would have really started to worry!

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