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I’ve been having some fun with lists for the last week but I think it’s time to step back into journal mode to update a few personal things.  With this continuing rain we’ve been having the garden has really taken off.  Last year when I planted my first rhubarb plant after three months it was approximately one foot high and I was really concerned that it wouldn’t make it through the winter.  As of yesterday that stupid plant is now over six feet high and going strong.  It looks like I’ll harvest enough seeds from it to plant a few more places around the property.  You just can’t have too much of that wonderful stuff around since this years current price is hovering around $3.80 a pound.  That s just highway robbery in my view so the more I grow the better.

Last weekend I spent a portion of Saturday doing the ceiling fan shuffle.  I installed a new sleeker model fan with a light kit in our bedroom and a matching fan without a light kit into the room I spent all winter remodeling.  The remodeled room is almost ninety percent furnished with nothing left to do except put a organizer system into the closet.  It looks freaking fabulous.  I then took the old fan from our bedroom and installed conveniently into my man cave directly above my computer desk.  That will make for a nice cool blogging summer.

Tonight we were invited  to my better-half’s daughter’s home for shish kabobs on the grill.  With the school year almost over she’s preparing for her first summer vacation with the new baby.  After teaching everyone else’s kids all year, she can now spend some quality time with her son. I see a lot of beach time in his immediate future which he will probably love.  We were able to catch up on things a little and enjoyed the meal and conversation immensely.  We made an early night of it and returned home with full bellies and smiles on our faces.  It was a very nice visit.

We’re do for what looks like two or three more days of rain which is always badly needed to keep the garden healthy.  That should give me enough time to continue work on a project I started more than a year ago.  I’ve been working off and on a somewhat strange abstract bust of my better-half  and I’m finally making some real progress on it since the room remodel was completed.  I recently finished the hair which was a tedious job and within a month I should have this project finally completed.

We’re having a really great start to the Spring and Summer and plans are already taking shape for a long weekend to the wilds of northern Maine to get into the woods and take as many pictures as necessary to fill every memory card we have.

We also have an obligatory two day trip to visit her family in Rhode Island which should be fun too.  This could actually turn into a rather nice summer barring any unplanned catastrophes.  We plan on enjoying it as much as we possibly can before the next long winter begins.  I might even be talked into a night at the amusement park in Old Orchard Beach.  You’re never too old to jump on a ride or two and have a little fun.

Enjoy your summer.

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