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Today was all about relaxing.  My better-half and I decided to just take the day, go where we please, relax a little, and we did just that.  We had a great breakfast at home and then headed for the coast to snap some pictures.  As expected traffic was heavier than usual with the influx of tourist beginning to increase.  The summer season is almost upon us.

Our first stop was the Portland Head Light which is a light house on a point of land at the entry to Portland harbor.  This is a favorite spot for tourists from all over the country if the license plates we saw today were any indication.  My luck much be changing because just as we drove past the main entrance someone pulled out and left me the best damn parking spot you can get.  We took plenty of pictures, spent some time in the gift shop, and then near the water watching the boats come and go.  It’s a very relaxing place and the adjacent park was filled with kids and parents flying kits, throwing Frisbees, and playing ball.  It was very nice.

We then left the park and drove through the suburbs of Portland and headed northwest out of the city. We drove at least a hundred miles in a large circle covering a large portion of southern Maine.  We stopped to shop in a number of antique shops because I was hot to buy something today.  Unfortunately for me my better-half was not.  We saw many really cool things but ended up buying nothing at all.  I found a working Dictaphone circa 1865 with a number of wax cylinders still intact and workable.  It was in beautiful condition and I had a hard time walking away from it.  For $150.00 it could have been all mine.  It still may be mine.  My better-half returns to wok tomorrow which may force me drive back to that shop and make the purchase anyway.  Should I or shouldn’t I? I’ll know tomorrow when I get out of bed.

We had a great day together and it gave us a chance to reconnect after a few weeks of her hectic work schedule.  We antiqued a little and then stopped along the road to see some lambs and take their pictures.  I also got some great shots of my better-half chasing a flock of turkeys through a farmers field trying to snap pictures while running.  It was really funny and I’ve got it all on my camera to be used later to embarrass her.  Life is good.

We returned home tired but relaxed.  She’s back to work tomorrow where the stress will start working on her all over again.  Since this was my official Fathers Day celebration I was happy as I could be.  Steaks on the grill later, a nice glass of wine or two, and hopefully a restful nights sleep afterwards. If you get my drift.

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  1. Happy fathers day!

    • Thanks, I think. Just something else to make me feel older than I am. A grand daughter and grandson and now a step grandson. i hope they’re just about finished with all this procreating but I’m pretty sure their not. It’s starting to get crowded around here.

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