01-04-2014 Journal – Dreaming In Our Reality!   Leave a comment

Another night of weird dreams.  I said WEIRD not WET, so get your mind out of the gutter. Over the years I’ve slowly and steadily learned to love my dreams.  Everyone loves to take a nap or to sleep soundly through the night but not me.  If I don’t have a really good dream as well I’m truly disappointed.  I’ve developed the ability over time to remember my dreams and what is even more amazing is returning to an old dream on multiple occasions  I remember streets and directions in these dreams making it possible for me to visit them again and and again and actually know my way around.  It sounds stupid but it’s really pretty cool.

As I sit here this morning I began to let my love of science fiction kick in.  I’m looking for answers as to why dreams are the way they are.  How can it be possible for a human mind to create places and people we’ve never known and then revisit them multiple times in dreams.  I understand that seeing, meeting, and talking with people from our past in dreams is possible.  We carry millions of subconscious memories in our brain that are available for it’s use.  Can the brain actually create these weird stories filled with even weirder people without any help from our conscious self?  If it can’t then it takes this discussion to a whole new level.

We’ve all seen the movies, The Matrix and Avatar, and enjoyed them.  Let me throw this idea out there.  Maybe our brain really isn’t creating these scenarios at all.  Can it be possible that the life we live and perceive to be our reality is anything but.  Could this reality be nothing more than a giant computer generated program populated with we humans who are nothing more than avatars being used by someone else in their own reality.  Maybe the portions of our dreams we don’t understand are just fragments of memories from the host person or thing whose avatar we are.  They’re living our lives through us and when they’ve finished playing their weird little game they exit from the program and go about their lives.  During that down-time is when we in our reality get to sleep and dream. Our brain retains fragments of their lives and combines them with our own for really strange and sometimes scary dreams and nightmares.

It would explain a lot of things that I have questions about.  In fact it would be very similar to those computer generated role playing games on the Internet in this reality.  People have become so immersed in them at times that their real lives and relationships have been adversely effected.  Those computer generated lives become so real to them that their real lives become secondary causing a serious shift in their reality.  Is that what’s happening when we dream?  Is that why I have dreams and relationships in my dreams with people and places I’ve never experienced in this reality?  I really don’t have the answers but I really enjoy asking the questions and exploring the possibilities.

That’s how my mind spent a few minutes this morning while my better-half was droning on about her schedule for the day.  I was deep into this train of thought and almost got myself in serious trouble when I was accused of not paying attention to her.  Maybe when she reads this it will give her a better understanding of how weird my mind works at time and not to take it so personally.

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