04-13-2014 Journal Entry – Welcome to Spring   1 comment

Well, after five months  the snow is finally gone. Unfortunately the post-winter cleanup can now begin.  All of the snow and ice storms certainly  did their share of damage to the property this year.  One tree down, serious plant damage everywhere, and additional damage from the town’s snowplow. 

It seems we’re required to replace our mailbox almost every year and it’s starting to really piss me off. A nearby friend made the mistake of complaining to the town about the recklessness of their drivers and seeming lack of concern for all the damage they’ve been causing.  It took forever to find the right person to complain to and five minutes for that person to say quite simply, “move it a little further back from the road”.  It’s nice to know we have a freaking genius working for the road department.

I don’t understand why me and my hundreds of neighbors didn’t think of that dumb ass solution.  I may be forced to build a giant brick column with my mailbox sitting on top.  We’ll see how much the town likes replacing a blade or two on their gigantic and expensive snowplows after trying to knock down my brick megalith.  I’ll just politely tell them to “plow a little further from my effing mailbox”. 

All of my winter projects have been successfully completed and right on schedule for a change.  In another two weeks I’ll be able to begin my outside work setting up the garden and getting  the mowers and weed-whackers operational.  Finally a steady supply of fresh air and sunshine after almost five and a half months locked inside the house. 

I’m also looking forward to some beach time in the near future as well.  This was the first winter in a long time that the snow cover stayed almost all winter which meant no long wintery walks on the beach. 


Since my leg has healed completely and  I’m back on my workout routines maybe I can get that last ten pounds of ugly fat to disappear.  I’ve lost 35 lbs so far through a difficult winter with a minimum of outside activity.  I’m planning a very active schedule this summer with my camera and I traveling around this gorgeous state of ours.  One short trip to Texas in May and then I’ll have the rest of the summer to take pictures, work in the garden, and to sit on my deck and relax.

Goodbye and good riddance to Winter.

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  1. Looking forward to some beach time with you too sweety!

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