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04/14/2021 Spring is in the Air   Leave a comment

After the last eighteen months of my illness there are many things that I’ve really missed.  The Pandemic being the least of them. With all of the various surgeries, cancer, and chemotherapy dominating my every thought I’ve come to appreciate a long list of many little things that I took for granted for most of my life.  The adage “Stop and Smell the Roses” suddenly means something.  I’m glad I still have time left to really appreciate each and every one of them.

Spending an hour or two totally lost in a painting.

Spending time over the last few years watching two grandsons becoming thinking and intelligent little men. 

Realizing after all these years just how precious these days have come to mean to me while sitting on the deck with my better-half enjoying the first sunshine of Spring.

Relaxing and sipping a Jack and Coke that I’m  finally able to have now that my newly rebuilt liver permits it.

Being able to bitch and complain about anything that irks me and not giving a good damn about what people think.

Enjoying all of the freedoms that come with old age that you can’t really appreciate until you get here.

You can thank my better-half and three glasses of Jack and Coke for this posting.  Maybe it will give those of you approaching the AARP age of fifty that it’s not quite as bad as you might think.  When you’re given lemons make lemonade but make sure you have some Jack Daniels in it.

1-11-2016 Journal – Sunshine, Snow, Rain!   Leave a comment

What a strange few weeks it’s been once again. Another weather related fiasco to thoroughly screw up our anticipated cold and snowy winter.  First we had warm weather through most of November and December, then two weeks of really cold weather with an 8 inch snowfall, and finally three and a half inches of rain this week  This photo was taken yesterday as our backyard quickly filled up with more than three and a half feet of water on top of the snow. 


I should be thanking my lucky stars that this rainstorm was not snow. If it had been there’d be more than three feet of snow to deal with.  I guess just this once I can be happy with the weather forecasters being correct.  This morning I jumped out of bed and looked out the window to check the water level and this is what I saw.


All of the snow from the last storm had been thoroughly washed away but the snow that had been underwater through the night remained intact. It really doesn’t mean much but I thought it was kind of interesting.

With all of this rain I’m once again stuck in the house where I’m trying to keep busy with projects.  Most of the Christmas paraphernalia has been sorted through, repackaged into containers, and returned to the attic for another year.  Fortunately my better-half was able to fill quite a few boxes with items either damaged or out of date.  Each year we’re slowly but surely weeding out the useless stuff giving her more room to store more new useless stuff. It’s what I call her “Circle of Life".


I began sorting through my Christmas gifts which were all pretty cool but yesterday I found some that were outstanding. Two of our friends who love making homemade foods like we do gave us some of their samples.  We received four jars  with some truly interesting flavors. I’m always preaching about doing things outside-the-box and they did it in a big way. There was Hot Tamale Apple Wedges, Orange/Blueberry jam, Strawberry Vanilla jam, and best of all for me Zucchini/Habanero jam.


I love all things hot and have experimented a few times in making jams with some elevated heat levels. My best efforts couldn’t come close to matching up to that Zucchini/Habanero jam. I ate 1/3 of the jar on two toasted English muffins and it was the best damn hot jam I’ve ever eaten.  Our friends have definitely motivated me to try again and I will.  I’ll certainly need something to give them next Christmas and I want it to be as good as I can make it.

01-03-2016 Journal–Sunshine & Horses!   Leave a comment

With the holidays, the warm weather, and the snow storm behind us it’s time to move along into 2016.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning when all of a sudden the clouds parted and the sun came out to play. It’s still as cold as hell but having that sunshine makes all the difference in the world.

It was time for my better-half and me to get our butts out of the house for a few hours.  We ran a few errands, did a little food shopping, and of course took a few pictures.  Winter pictures tend to be lackluster unless you have a monster storm of some sort.  We decided to take a cruise around the adjacent neighborhoods to check things out.  As you can see in this picture even some of the horses weren’t too happy with the cold which required getting their coats out of storage.


They all seemed glad to be out of the barn for a few hours and were pretty frisky.  This good looking fellow wanted to visit with me with the hopes that I had an apple, carrot, or sugar cube in my pocket. Unfortunately for him I had nothing with me. In the future I’ll be carrying a few things in the car so as not to disappoint our four legged friends again.


‘Where’s my snack, Jack?’


It felt good to get out into the fresh air for a while but we returned home to this scene near the house. I’ve been showing you photo’s of my garden all summer and it’s only fair to show you how sad it looks right now.





I think I just succeeded in depressing myself all over again.  Oh well, just five more months of winter (OMG) and things will be green and growing again. It’s going to be a very long, long, long, five months.  Now I do need a drink.

12-06-2015 Journal– Red & Green Insanity!   Leave a comment


‘Christmas Eve in Maine.’

How is your holiday season progressing?  Are your preparations ahead of schedule or behind? Is your Christmas tree real or artificial? Are your kids driving you crazy yet? Has your alcohol consumption increased progressively with the holiday pressures?  All really good questions but as we all know they’re rhetorical. 

The drumbeat of Christmas is getting louder each day. I go to sleep thinking about what I’ve accomplished that day and wake up thinking about all of the stuff that I still need to accomplish today.  I am so full of Christmas cheer I could scream out loud.  After rereading this paragraph I think I discovered something else I must be full of.  You get my drift, right? I’M LOSING IT MAN!

Here is my kitchen table as I found it this morning:


Trust me when I tell you the entire living room and family room look exactly like it as well.   I’m knee deep in Christmas and there’s still 18 shopping days left. It could take us until sometime in February to repack all this stuff and I can’t wait.  At least the damn cat seems to be enjoying himself:


I haven’t had my breakfast yet but since I can’t eat in the kitchen I may retire to the deck and eat there. That’s right, the sun is shining and it’s still warm enough to sit outside and have breakfast. It’s madness I tell you.

Even Mother Nature appears confused by the weather. I took a stroll around the property yesterday  for no other reason than to get a little sun on my pasty white body.  I found this lonely little flower in the side yard. One stupid dandelion that’s decided it’s really not December but April. I can officially say this is the latest I’ve ever seen any flower growing and blooming.


‘The all-time dumbest flower on the planet.’

I’d like to continue on with this post but I’m getting the evil eye from my better-half. It’s time to get back to my Santa duties. Everything has to be just perfect for the grandsons when they arrive (in two and a half effing weeks). Sorry about the language but all these red and green colors are finally getting to me or maybe it’s just my requested Christmas aneurism finally showing up.

I hope someone tells Santa just what a good boy I’ve been this year. He owes me big time.

04-13-2014 Journal Entry – Welcome to Spring   1 comment

Well, after five months  the snow is finally gone. Unfortunately the post-winter cleanup can now begin.  All of the snow and ice storms certainly  did their share of damage to the property this year.  One tree down, serious plant damage everywhere, and additional damage from the town’s snowplow. 

It seems we’re required to replace our mailbox almost every year and it’s starting to really piss me off. A nearby friend made the mistake of complaining to the town about the recklessness of their drivers and seeming lack of concern for all the damage they’ve been causing.  It took forever to find the right person to complain to and five minutes for that person to say quite simply, “move it a little further back from the road”.  It’s nice to know we have a freaking genius working for the road department.

I don’t understand why me and my hundreds of neighbors didn’t think of that dumb ass solution.  I may be forced to build a giant brick column with my mailbox sitting on top.  We’ll see how much the town likes replacing a blade or two on their gigantic and expensive snowplows after trying to knock down my brick megalith.  I’ll just politely tell them to “plow a little further from my effing mailbox”. 

All of my winter projects have been successfully completed and right on schedule for a change.  In another two weeks I’ll be able to begin my outside work setting up the garden and getting  the mowers and weed-whackers operational.  Finally a steady supply of fresh air and sunshine after almost five and a half months locked inside the house. 

I’m also looking forward to some beach time in the near future as well.  This was the first winter in a long time that the snow cover stayed almost all winter which meant no long wintery walks on the beach. 


Since my leg has healed completely and  I’m back on my workout routines maybe I can get that last ten pounds of ugly fat to disappear.  I’ve lost 35 lbs so far through a difficult winter with a minimum of outside activity.  I’m planning a very active schedule this summer with my camera and I traveling around this gorgeous state of ours.  One short trip to Texas in May and then I’ll have the rest of the summer to take pictures, work in the garden, and to sit on my deck and relax.

Goodbye and good riddance to Winter.

04-08-2013   2 comments

I can hardly believe that it’s sixty-five degrees here in Maine today this early in April. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I find myself doing yard cleanup and loving it.  I didn’t put on a normal summer outfit like shorts and a t-shirt because I’m not a total idiot.  All you have to do is walk into a shaded area and you’ll realize almost immediately just how cold it still is.  I’m  dressed in long sleeves, jeans, and a light coat.  I’ve learned the hard way in past years when I dressed too lightly and ended up with a Spring cold that took forever to go away.  My better-half has been complaining for the last couple of days about her cough, runny nose, and scratchy throat.  I think she’s about to come down with something that I’m sure she’ll pass right along to me.  Isn’t true love wonderful? Just one fantastic perk after another.

We both felt the immediate need to rush out to one of the big box home improvement stores yesterday to begin our Spring spending spree.  It’s never too early  or too cold to begin loading up with seeds, plants, yard tools, and the occasional yard gnome.  We both realize it’s way too early in the season to start this nonsense but we can’ seem to stop ourselves. We apparently aren’t alone because the store was crowded with shoppers filling their carts with anything and everything imaginable.  I managed to escape the madness with an expenditure of just a few dollars less than a hundred.  Madness I tell you, just freaking madness.

After returning home my better-half immediately changed clothes, grabbed a rake, and began working furiously in the yard.  It would have been useless for me to try and stop her so I didn’t even make the attempt.  I found a really comfortable chair and placed it on the deck where I could watch. There’s nothing much better than loafing and watching someone else work. She’s got Spring Fever so bad she’s almost out of control and I won’t be the person who tries to slow her down. She can become dangerous when fooled with.

After raking for an hour she finally gave it up and returned to the deck where I’d been saving her a seat.  She lasted about thirty minutes longer than I thought she would. We enjoyed the sunshine for another hour and I do believe we got a pretty good start on our summer tans.  It eventfully became a little too chilly for comfort so we grabbed up the cat and returned to the house.  It was a nice start to better weather but we’re still a long way from actual warmth and real sunshine.

I’ll be returning to the woods later this week with camera in hand to begin my search for a few of those illusive creatures that escaped my notice last fall.  Patience usually pays off in these matters or so I’ve been told. I love being out with Mother Nature without two feet of snow slowing me down.  Another week and the snow will be history and the fun summer can begin.

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