06-19-2014 Journal Entry- Being Creative!   2 comments


Every person has the ability to create almost anything.  That’s a simple statement that I’ll bet most people would disagree with.  I can’t begin to tell you just how many people over the years have told me they have no creative ability.  To those people I can only say "I’m sorry". I’m sorry that no one ever gave you the confidence to discover those abilities that you have.  I’m sorry that people weren’t there with you when a little push was all that was needed to lead you to a life of creativity and self satisfaction.  It’s a damn shame that many really creative and talented people are sometimes convinced early in their lives that  they didn’t have what it takes. How many potentially great artists, poets, and writers have been lost to us?

Your probably asking yourself what exactly prompted that last paragraph and why I’m on my soap box about it.  Let me explain. Over the past months I’ve had the privilege of watching a small baby begin to grow and turn into a real person.  I watch him closely when we’re together and have been intrigued by his interests and curiosity.  I can see his mind working as he builds fantastic block creations without prompting from any of us adults.  He’s experiencing true creative freedom and seems to be enjoying it immensely. Fortunately for him his parents and family are people who will recognize his efforts and encourage him in any way possible.  He’s a lucky young man who in the future will come to appreciate that fact as he artfully paints, writes poetry, or sculpts a masterpiece.  Maybe he’ll be a teacher or maybe a ditch digger but he’ll always have the freedom to sit quietly and create something new and exciting and to appreciate the feeling of satisfaction it provides.

For years I’ve watched my better-half talk about creating this or that but never seeing it happen.  She’s spent many of her formative years being a Mom, raising three children, and working hard to give them every advantage in this world.  It’s paid off in a big way and she should be proud.  She’s one of those people who has immense reservoirs of creativity that up till now have been used to create three well adjusted and intelligent human adults.  She’s proud of those accomplishments but I don’t really think she’s see that as being creative.  She’s wrong!

In recent years I’ve begun to see her slowly developing a different outlook about many things.  She’s finally discovering herself.  I’ve watched her create beautiful flower gardens without giving it a second thought. 



She has the innate ability to plant them in certain ways that is more than just a little pleasing to the eye.  She does it without thought and again doesn’t consider it being creative. Again, she’s wrong!

I’ve spent many hours with her wandering around this state taking thousands of photographs.  She has a photographer’s eye and has taken some breathtaking photos.  She doesn’t count that as creativity, she’s just taking pictures.  Once again she’s very wrong!


Oh, I forgot to tell you she’s addicted to sunflowers.  So I have hundreds of her sunflower images in my archives and their all gorgeous.  But as she’s told me many times “I’m just taking pictures of things I love”.

She’s slowly losing that fear that other people won’t really like the things she creates. Once that fear is defeated the gates will open like never before. I watched her yesterday as she sat totally focused for over an hour and took bits and pieces of sea glass she’s collected for years and with some effort created a rather unique mosaic on a large pot. At some time in the future that pot will be filled with flowers and have a special spot on the deck.

Watching her was very similar to watching her grandson as he plays. She was in that special moment of creating and she was excited and mesmerized by the experience.  It did my heart good to see her beginning to really appreciate the talents she wasn’t sure she had.  I look forward to more of her creative projects and intend to encourage her at every turn.  She’s about to become a much happier and confident person and will grow creatively just as her grandson is.

I’m the lucky guy who gets to watch the two of them growing together.

2 responses to “06-19-2014 Journal Entry- Being Creative!

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  1. I love you honey. How sweet you are to write this. Love your encouragement.

  2. You are making the rest of us look bad John!

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