07-23-2014 Journal Entry – Another Rainy Day!   Leave a comment

It’s raining like hell this morning so I decided to spend this time in bed enjoying the sounds and smells of the day.  I like walking in the rain almost as much as I enjoy listening to it but not today.  Today is going to be a computer day for me because I have a number of things that need to be accomplished.

In my last posting I made an attempt to create some discussion with my list of ten questions. While a good number of people visited and read the posting the response to my request for their answers apparently fell on deaf ears. Not one single response was disappointing as hell but not totally unexpected. At least I tried to wake up a few brain cells out there and just so you know, I will try again.

Today is the day I begin learning how to use the new software package I recently purchased.  Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Adobe Premiere Elements 12 has been purchased and installed and await my full attention for the next six hours or so. I’m also awaiting the arrival from Amazon of a 400 page User’s Manual I was forced to buy because those cheap bastards at Adobe don’t feel that including a Users Manual is cost effective.  Both of the programs are massive and without a manual you might never ever know all of the bells and whistles they contains. I’m praying that the manual arrives today or tomorrow so I can spend the next few days experimenting with the software. I need to get up to speed as quickly as possible because I have projects that will be much easier to complete once I’ve gotten a little hands-on experience.



This week another of my goals is to begin preparations for my first canning class of 2014.  A number of my better-half’s friends are interested in learning how the process works so they can eventually can their own pickles. With so many requests I decided to do a class that would take care of them all at once.  I’m just a week or so away from canning my first batch of pickles this year so I’ve invited a group of them to get together, watch me do a batch, take appropriate notes, and return home to attempt to do some of their own. I’ve tried to convince them that canning is a simple process but they appear very skeptical.  I also make myself available 24/7 for emergency telephone calls when the occasional mishap arises.  I’ve done a few one-on-ones in the past which were very successful so this should be a breeze.


I’ve been cleaning and preparing jars for a few weeks because it’s going to get very busy very quickly and I need to keep ahead of things.  I’m estimating we’ll be canning 40-60 pints of hot Bread & Butter pickles, 20 pints of hot Mustard Dills, and 15-20 pints of hot Kosher Dills.  Add in another 30-50 half pints of assorted jellies, jams, and relishes and you can see that we’ll be canning our asses off for six weeks or so. If I do say so myself, we make some damn good pickles, a truly excellent variety of jams, and the relishes can speak for themselves.   Many of the folks who request our pickles return the jars for a refill and as you can see I have them everywhere.



Fun, fun, and more fun.

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