11-01-2014 Journal Entry– A Mexican Halloween!   2 comments

Another Halloween has come and gone and it ended last night with a visit from the grandson.  He’s now officially more than two years old and obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse.  He’s a big fan of the Mickey Mouse Club much as I was while growing up but for entirely different reasons.  He loves the music, wearing the ears, and dancing around. All I had was Annette Funicello and her two perky friends.  It’ll be a another ten years before he begins enjoying that part of the Mickey Mouse Club.


Halloween is an odd holiday anyway and it’s more for the costumes and candy than anything else.  Since I’ve pretty much given up on that part of the holiday I figured I was safe for another year.  Leave it up to my better-half to come up with something for me do.  She walks in the door two nights ago carrying bags of groceries which I later found out were for some party being held at her work place.  She’d been anointed as the head cheerleader in that store as well as the official food preparer for all functions. Apparently my cooking services are available because of her and they get them free of charge.

I was sweetly requested to help prepare enough taco filling for ninety to a hundred tacos.  That’s ten plus pounds of cow, browned perfectly and seasoned with that magical blend of Mexican spices.  I began my preparations but something seemed to be missing and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  It was this:


I think that cooking Mexican food of any kind without tequila or jalapeno flavored vodka is against the law in a few states or should be.  I slammed down two quick shots of vodka, picked up a couple pounds of meat and got to work. Four shots and ten pounds of hamburger later the meat was cooked, seasoned, and packaged for shipment to the store. Not only was I relaxed, I was positively glowing.




The party was a huge success with more than ninety people filling up on tacos and enchiladas.  It’s not your typical Maine meal by any means but everyone loved it anyway. 

This Halloween I was able to do some cooking (I love that) for a large gathering that I didn’t have to attend (Yeah!), loaded up the grandson up with as much candy as possible which I wasn’t then forced to eat (Yeah again!), and didn’t have to worry about dressing up in silly costumes (Yeah #3!).  That for me is a really successful Halloween and I hope to do it the same way next year.  By then we’ll have a little brother or sister for the grandson tagging along to make it even more interesting.

I hope your holiday was as exciting as mine.  There are times when I miss the costumes and craziness of years past but then good sense prevails, I have a glass of wine, and kick back and relax.

2 responses to “11-01-2014 Journal Entry– A Mexican Halloween!

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  1. 90 to 100 tacos?! that’s a lot. You must’ve a great taco recipe. My family loves to eat tacos during Halloween too.

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