12-17-2014 Journal – Things I Once Hated VI   Leave a comment


Well I’m in the home stretch of this process and my list of 100 has been whittled down to just 30.  Today will complete items 71-85 leaving only the last 15 to deal with on Thursday.  Let’s get right into it.

* * *

#71 Sean Penn – There’s no way in hell this item will ever change.  I can’t find any redeeming value in his work or his personality.  Unfortunately I can only hate up to 100% but with this guy I wish I could go higher. No improvement whatsoever.

#72 Jeans w/Holes – This is a look that even really beautiful women can’t pull off. I find it unsexy when someone is wearing clothes that just a few years ago I would have thrown away. I’m no longer going to hate these items of clothing but will admit to 100% feeling of Stupidity for the people who insist on wearing them. I get the same feeling when I see grown men wearing backward baseball caps.  100% improvement.

#73 Road Kill – Truly a disgusting display at any time but even worse in hot weather. Pair up disgusting with smelly and you’ve really got a winner. No improvement.

#74 Mohawks – There are variations of this item.  The large. crazy and oddly colored ones I hate.  The smaller and more contemporary Mohawks are subtle and don’t bother me near as much.  50% improvement.

#75 Belly Button Lint – If you stick your tongue into your lover’s belly button just once and come up with a lint ball stuck to it you can understand where I’m coming from. It’s like finding a short and curly hair on your pizza.  Unacceptable and no improvement.

#76 Stinky Garbage – I’ll claim a slight change of heart on this one.  Stinky garbage is something that annoys me 100%.  I think hate was too strong of a word. 100% improvement.

#77 Arrogant People – There are two types of arrogant people. There are those who are really good at what they do and they throw it in your face. Then there are those who are totally incompetent and use the arrogance as a defense mechanism.  Either way they both suck.  No improvement.

#78 Inverted Nipples – Nipples are meant to be appreciated and played with. I find it extremely difficult to do that when they’re inverted.  I really don’t hate any nipples so I’ll claim 100% improvement.

#79 Noisy Radios – Whether it’s in a restaurant, in a passing vehicle, or anywhere else it’s the most annoying thing ever. There’s a crime called "Disturbing the Peace" and I hate when someone does that to me by accident or intentionally. No improvement.

#80 The French – A liberal society with no sense of gratitude towards a country that saved their collective asses on two occasions.  If they get jammed up again I hope we have the good sense to let them work things out on their own. No surrender-monkey improvement.

#81 Gerbils – Disgusting  and creepy animals that serve no useful purpose that I can find.  They are worth buying just so they can be disposed of. No improvement.

#82 Wallflowers – Another item where hate was too strong a word. I just feel bad for anyone who is stuck in this kind of rut.  Most times they’ll grow out of it but some never do. 100% improvement.

#83 Road Tolls – Just another government intrusion into my wallet. I’ve always hated income taxes and even more so  these sneaky hidden ones. No improvement now or ever.

#84 Hairy Nipples – This primarily concerns just the females out there. These days many of them expect their men to be hairless. I think it’s only fair that they pay closer attention to our wishes about them. I just hate women with hairy nipples and I find it really strange when they’re confronted with it and claim ignorance of the problem. You’d think they might look down every so often and notice.  No improvement.

#85 Yellow Nail Polish – This is just something that bugs me. I’m sure there are a lot of younger women who go this route and love the color. I do not.  It looks like you have smoker’s fingers and that for me is a complete turnoff. Just give me neatly manicured nails with a dark blood red color. 50% improvement.

* * *

Fifteen more items to go and I can put this little project to bed.  I’ll post the final installment on Thursday and then a final evaluation on Monday.  Then it will be on to other things and completion of my 2015 New Year’s resolutions.

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