12-21-2014 Journal–Things I Once Hated VII   Leave a comment


I’m glad to announce this is the final installment of my list of the 100 Things I Once Hated.  It’s been an interesting process for me but I doubt if it’s been all that interesting for you.  I’ll get into that thought in more detail in my next posting where I evaluate the results in more detail.  Lets get going . . .

* * *

#86 Crowded Elevators – If you’re the least bit claustrophobic you’ll understand this item.  Without extensive therapy this could never change and I’m positive it will never change because there will be no extensive therapy.  No improvement.

#87 Gossips – Everyone gossips at some point in their life and I have no problem with the little unimportant bits of nonsense people chat about.  It’s the malicious gossiping that’s burned me a few times in the past.  50% improvement.

#88 Baby Pageants – How these things are permitted by law puzzles me. Under any other circumstances if you dress up a little girl to look like an adult and parade her around in front of a group of other adults you could get some jail.  No improvement at all.

#89 Pot Holes – These damn things have cost me hundreds of dollars over the years in repairs to many of my vehicles. I’m still waiting for any offer from ten or so municipalities to repay me for the damage caused by their unrepaired roads.  It’s a good thing I’m not holding my breath on that one. No improvement.

#90 Screaming Brats – Being a former screaming brat myself I have great insight into this issue. Whether in a store, a bus, a street corner, or anywhere else, I can’t stand them. No improvement.

#91 Texting While Driving – You might think I’d be a little lenient towards people who text while driving since the woman who smashed into my car while I was sitting at a stop sign was responsible for me buying my first digital camera. It was the money left over after all the damages to my vehicle were fixed. No improvement.

#92 Saggy Pants – This item is right up there with backward baseball caps and underwear sticking out over your jeans.  Idiotic, moronic, and ridiculous. No improvement.

#93 Warts – I’ve had one or two of these over the years and they are an annoyance more than anything.  Genital warts are another story completely but luckily I haven’t had them and I hope I never do. 50% improvement.

#94 Granny Panties – Just thinking about these makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.  They should be outlawed by the courts with mandatory caning on a bare ass as punishment. I’m not hating them any longer but OMFG who in their right mind likes them? 50% improvement.

#95 Penis Caught In Zipper – Every guy that just read this sentence cringed a little. This is some of the worst pain a man can suffer not even taking into account the accompanying embarrassment.  No improvement.

#96 Multiple Chins – And I’m not referring to those famous Chinese Chins mentioned in some jokes. Thank God for plastic surgery but unfortunately not everyone can afford it. I guess it’s not really hate I feel but sympathy. 100% improvement.

#97 Tailgater’s – This applies not to football game tailgaters but to drivers. When I was a cop I loved issuing citations for this violation and  that’s when I learned what job satisfaction was really all about. No improvement.

#98 Stinky Arm Pits – This item should be grouped with B.O. and bad breath. I hate them all individually and I especially hate those people who sport all three. No improvement.

#99 Nosy People – The fact that most nosy people are almost always the first ones to gossip makes it even worse. I really don’t hate nosy people who gossip because it’s great fun to feed them made-up facts or untrue information and then to sit back and watch the fun.  50% improvement.

#100 Ex-Wives – No further explanations should be needed here.  Ask any divorced person about their exes and you’ll get the same answer. No improvement.

* * *

There you have it. As you can see there have been many changes in how I feel about things in just the last five years.  Check back in two days to see my 2014 newly revised list of “Things I Really Did Hate” in my next posting.


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