05-06-2015 Journal–Spring is in Full Swing!   Leave a comment

Almost a week of beautiful warm weather and I think I’ve made the adjustment quite nicely.  The expensive to run heating system has been shut down until sometime in late October (Yeh!) and my winter wear has been stored for another year. I actually had a weather related orgasm yesterday when the temperature reached eighty degrees for the first time.  I have to admit it was really good for me.


‘Red Cabbage’

I made a visit to a nearby family run nursery to make the first of many upcoming purchases for this year.  I was looking primarily for lettuces and cabbages which can stand the cold nights we’re still having.  There’s nothing better than strolling through a smoking hot greenhouse.  There are times when shopping at this nursery is like going to Walmart.  You start buying this and that and eventually find it hard to stop.  I wanted to fill my car with plants but my better-half helped keep me under control.


‘Delicious Rhubarb’

Since we eat a great deal of salads I loaded up with four different types of lettuce.  We should have more than enough to last us until Fall.  Throw in some cherry tomatoes and  a few onions and we’re good to go.  On a whim I purchased and planted twelve purple cabbage plants.  We’ve never tried growing them before but  there’s nothing better than cooked cabbage. I hope they do well.


‘Assorted Lettuces’

I returned home and couldn’t wait to get planting.  It didn’t take too long as you can see.  The next stage will be the new herbs I purchased.  I picked up a quantity of parsley, sage, basil, and rosemary.  Some of them are annuals that must be replaced each year and a few others that were replacements of ones that didn’t survive the winter.

The remaining herbs that did survive are really starting to sprout and from all appearances I’ll probably be knee deep in oregano this year. 

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