06-27-2015 Journal – Coastal Day Trip!   Leave a comment

It’s been a great week but with my nephew leaving soon I decided a short road trip was in order.  We rolled out of bed, had breakfast with my better-half, and then hit the road.  We drove south on I-95 to the border with New Hampshire and began our day at the Kittery Trading Post.  My nephew is quite the gun expert and we spent an hour walking through the endless racks of guns. 

If you’ve read this blog in recent weeks you know I have been having serious issues with a skunk who refuses to leave my garden alone.  I’ve been wanting to purchase a .22 caliber rifle for more than a year and with the help from my nephew I did just that.  I already feel bad for that stupid skunk because his days are numbered.

We left Kittery and began the trip north along the coast.  It was a beautiful day and all of the beaches were filled with this years crop of tourists.  We stopped to get a few pictures at the Nubble lighthouse which is probably the most photographed lighthouse in Maine.

We then continued north through the towns of York Beach, York, Ogunquit, and Wells.  Traffic was much heavier than normal and all of the routes that took us anywhere near the water were jammed with people and cars.  Even with the crowds and traffic we had a great time people watching and catching up on each other’s lives. 

We stopped for a quick lunch in Kennebunk and continued on through Biddeford and into Saco.  We returned home to meet the better-half and to prepare for our last night together.


We traveled to Old Orchard beach for a terrific seafood dinner, a walk along the beach, and then onto the amusement park.  I was able to win a couple of $.50 stuffed pigs for my better-half and it only cost me ten bucks.



Carnival games never seem to change.  The better-half insisted on spending some time at the arcade where she and the nephew played SkeeBall.  With an armload of worthless tickets we made our way towards our car and the return home. You can’t have a night like this without stopping for a little ice cream which was delicious and made the ride home a little more enjoyable.

The nephew’s flight is scheduled to leave early tomorrow morning so it was early to bed and early to rise and the end of a great week.

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