10-09-2015 Journal – Deconstruction Continues!   Leave a comment

I found myself somewhat motivated yesterday after beginning the Fall cleanup of the garden a few days ago. The least favorite task I have in the Fall is the one I  completed yesterday. Most of you are familiar with the term “compost pile” but never have had the pleasure of using one.  Today was my turn.

After removing the garden fabric as I mentioned in a previous post it was time to get serious. I spent some time yesterday uprooting all of the better-half’s marigolds. They’d grown so large that they completely filled  my trailer. I then pulled any additional weeds from the frames and took the combined load to the compost pile set aside for 2017.



I continued in the herb garden by removing the rosemary plants that I cleaned and immediately placed into the dehydrator.  I love the smell of fresh rosemary and my hands will probably carry that aroma for the rest of the day.  On top of that the downstairs of our house will smell of rosemary for a couple of days at the very least.  I then removed the remnants of the radishes, pea pods, cabbages, and carrots from the smaller frames and off they went to their compost pile.


Then the hard work began. I removed the tarp from the current compost pile and began filling the trailer.  I have to remind you that as a general rule compost had a bit of an odor.  Fortunately the longer it sits the less it smells. This pile was more than two years old and only a little bit stinky.


I took four trailer loads of compost to the garden and spread the contents evenly over the frames.  I’ll let the garden rest for a day or so because they’re forecasting rain for tomorrow.  I definitely wouldn’t want to be knee deep in wet compost because I’ve been there before. Never again. Once things have dried out completely I can return and rototill the compost into the soil.

One more solid day of work and the garden will  be finished for this year and won’t be touched again until May of 2016. I may be forced to wait a while until the weather decided to cooperate which it hardly every does.

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