07-01-2016 Journal – June Update!   Leave a comment


This will be a quick posting with a few updates to help end the month of June. It’s been a hectic month but everything that needed to be handled and accomplished was properly handled and accomplished. Let’s get started.

One of our favorite restaurants has always been Over the Border, good Mexican food at a reasonable price.  We stopped in a few nights ago because I was in dire need of some hot and spicy food.  The better-half had a plate of tacos while I ordered a chicken fajita salad. As you can see they were pretty to look at as well as delicious.



Just looking at these pictures is making me hungry all over again. I can’t wait to revisit again  in the coming weeks..  Also at this restaurant we met a bartender who loves hot foods as much as we do.  Earlier this month he made me a hot pepper margarita made with a tequila infusion of hot peppers.  His was tasty but I thought I could do it just a little better.  I made a tequila infusion with a combination of peppers including serrano’s, habaneros, jalapenos, and one lonely but powerful ghost pepper.  I also made a special salsa from six different hot peppers to which I added a  shot of tequila in each jar.  Here are the finished products as I delivered them to him yesterday.  They should add a little zest to his Fourth of July celebrations margaritas.


And finally a few photos of our garden which has really taken off with the recent rains and warm weather. It’s looking like another successful gardening year for us.




So much for the month of June.  It sped by way too quickly which means this summer will disappear just as quickly. We need to make the most of what remains before the snow flies again.

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