06-29-2016 Festivals & Farmer’s Markets!   Leave a comment

Is it just me or has June zoomed by in a flash. I’ve always considered the Fourth of July as the summer’s half-way point but I can’t believe that half of the summer is already gone. That is supremely depressing. A few days ago I mentioned in a post that my better-half and I had visited the Brunswick, Maine Strawberry Festival.  I sort of glossed over that visit for some reason but after rethinking things I decided to throw a few pictures your way. Check these out.


The town of Brunswick is rather quaint and the park located in the downtown area is just beautiful.  The perfect place to take your kids on a sunny day, to quietly read a book or to walk your dog.


It’s called the Strawberry Festival but it’s much more than that as you can see. Farmers from all over the area come to town loaded with fresh vegetables of all types.  It’s a giant farmers market and they offer some really delicious foods as well.


I’m a former cheese addict who has been forced over the years to reduce the amount of dairy I eat.  It still won’t stop me from sampling a few tidbits of excellent goat cheese when I happen upon it.


Many of the farms also sell canned pickles, jams, and jellies. They are a bit pricy but you’ll never find any fresher or as flavorful in a supermarket.


I was more than a little surprised at all of the available vegetables this early in the summer.  We look forward to visiting many more of these festivals in the coming months. There seems to be one scheduled every weekend somewhere in Maine until Labor Day.


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