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I received this list many years ago from a very close friend. Where he came by it, I don’t have a clue. Someone obviously put a great deal of thought into it, and I guess that’s a good enough reason for me to pass it on. Do I agree with everything on it, NO WAY! But again, it’s not just about me. It’s a bit of a long read but you never know, you might find a pearl of wisdom or two in it.


-Eat plenty of whole rice.
-Give people more than they expect and do it willfully.
-Learn by heart your favorite song.
-Don’t believe anything you hear and do not sleep as much as you would like to.
-When you say, “I love you”, say it truthfully.
-When you say, “I’m sorry”, say it with eye contact.
-An engagement period of 6 months is crucial before marriage.
-Believe in love at first sight.
-Never mock others’ dreams.
-Love deeply and passionately. You may get hurt, but this is the only way to live life to the fullest.

-Deal with discontentment, fight fairly but do not offend.
-Do not judge others because of their relatives.
-Talk slow, think fast.
-When someone asks you a question you do not want to answer, smile and ask: “Why do you want to know?”
-Remember that the greatest love and the greatest successes also hold many risks.
-Call your mom.
-Bless a person who has just sneezed.
-When you lose, do not lose the lesson.
-Remember:  Respect for yourself, respect for others and responsibility for your actions.
-Do not allow a small disagreement to hurt a great friendship.

-When you notice you have made a mistake, take the appropriate steps in order to correct it.
-Smile when you answer the phone. Those who call can “hear” your smile.
-Marry the person you love talking to the most. When you get old, conversation will be important more than anything else.
-Spend some time alone.
-Accept change with open arms; yet do not give up your values.
-Remember that sometimes, silence is the best answer.
-Read more books and watch television less.
-Live a good, honorable life. Later, when you grow old and remember the past, you will enjoy them once more.
-Believe and trust god, whomever / whatever you conceive God to be, but securely lock your car.
-An atmosphere of love at your home is most important. Do all that you can in order to create a calm home full of love.

-Do not bring back the past.
-Read in between the lines.
-Share your knowledge. It is the way to live forever.
-Be gentle with our Earth planet.
-Pray. Prayer has incredible power.
-Never interrupt someone who flatters you.
-Take care of your problems.
-Do not trust a man or a woman who do not close their eyes when you kiss them.
-Once a year, visit a place you never did before.
-If you make a lot of money, channel it so as to help others while you are alive. This is the greatest satisfaction a treasure can reward you.

-Remember that sometimes, not getting what you want is being very lucky.
-Learn all the rules, and then break some.
-Remember that the greatest relationships are the ones in which the love between two people is greater than the need one has of the other.
-Judge your success in light of what you had to give up in order to obtain it.
-Relate to love and to the kitchen completely.


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  1. Really love this list. A great post from you!

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