03/27/2022 Sporty Limericks   Leave a comment

Well, it looks like winter is finally fading away. What does that mean to most of us? Warm weather and lots of sports. Today I want to combine your love of sports with my love of limericks. Here are four limericks concerning golf and baseball. Enjoy!

They say that ex-president Taft,

When hit by a golf ball, just laughed,

And said:” I’m not sore,

But although he called “Fore”,

The place that it struck me was “aft!”


A golfer, employing a wedge,

Clipped his chip shot behind a thick hedge.

But he hadn’t been seen,

So, he strolled to the green

And dropped a new ball on the edge.


The slider just slid past the bat,

And the curveball? Too flat to get at.

The pitcher’s last ball

Was his fastest fastball,

So, I’m three strikes and out. And that’s that!


I hit every home run we score.

I catch every catch and what’s more

I ain’t missed a game,

You may not know my name,

But I’m up here in row eighty-four.


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