09/05/2022 “Last Words”   Leave a comment

I’m forever citing profound quotes from the rich and famous to inspire you and truth be told, I have no idea if they do. In my opinion today’s quotes are a little more interesting. Let’s see what the rich and famous had to say as they left this world.

  • Ludwig van Beethoven – “Friends applaud, the Comedy is over.”
  • Billy the Kid – To Pat Garrett, who killed him: “Who’s there?”
  • John Wilkes Booth – “Tell my mother I died for my country . . . I thought I did for the best . . . Useless! Useless!”
  • George Bernard Shaw – To his nurse: “Sister, you are trying to keep me alive as an old curiosity. But I’m done, I’m finished. I’m going to die.”
  • Erwin Rommel – Ordered to commit suicide by Adolf Hitler – “To die by the hand of one’s own people is hard.”

  • Pablo Picasso – “Drink to me.”
  • Edgar Allan Poe – “Lord help my poor soul.”
  • Mohammed – “Oh Allah, be so.”
  • Karl Marx – “Go on, get out! Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.”
  • Robert E Lee – “Strike my tent!”

So, these last words were profound, and some are not. I hope my own will be a little more interesting when the time comes.


Posted September 5, 2022 by Every Useless Thing in Bitch & Complain

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