09/06/2022 “John Ciardi”   5 comments

I’m always good for more limericks and today’s offering is from one of my favs, John Ciardi. I’ve been a huge fan of his limericks since reading the book he shared with Issac Azimov. Two crazy smart limerick aficionados.

For a friend . . .

In a lane, a young fellow named Cooper

Committed a terrible blooper.

He had his girl bare those with more

In his car, unaware

Of a vigilant nearby state trooper.


A carefree young woman named Nola

At one time in a summer pergola

Took care of three men

Again and again

And did it on just Coca-Cola.


A little adultery spices

Our lives, but just look at those prices!

If they charge all that dough,

Man can’t buy it, you know,

And there’ll be a frustrational crisis.


The Times tells the world what is doing;

Who’s winning, who’s losing, who’s suing,

Whose striking, who’s stealing,

Who’s dying, whose healing,

But won’t say a word on who’s screwing.



5 responses to “09/06/2022 “John Ciardi”

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  1. 💗Thanks! Miss you, too, but no heart? That’s ok. I knew it was for me. Just might work on one while you’re on sabbatical 🚓

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