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04-22-2016 Journal – Creativity!   Leave a comment

I spent the first two hours of my day today in bed drinking coffee and watching a dozen or so TED speeches. If your not familiar with TED I’d recommend it to you whole heartedly. It’s a series of speeches from experts around the world on  a diverse collection of topics. The anagram of TED stands for, “Technology, Education, & Design”.


‘It sure isn’t the Sistine Chapel!’’

My main topics for today concerned Creativity and the Arts.  Listening to people from Bali who design green homes from bamboo or others from Europe who specialize in the creation of designs and art is exciting. It’s nice to know that Creativity is alive and well on this planet and not getting lost in the technological hustle and bustle of our societies.


I’ve always been a proponent and supporter of anyone or anything that creates something.  The best times of my life are those spent where I’m relaxed, alone with my thoughts, and putting paper to pencil. Either writing, drawing, painting, or sculpting, it’s all good.  With that in mind I thought I’d share a quick look at my lair. It’s my oasis filled with my things and represents my life in one small room.  


For twenty years I saved every little doodad, birthday card, and memento from places I’ve been and people I’ve known.  Then I began making a series of collages or “life panels” of those years. It started out as two  small panels but grew  to more than nine with some of them measuring 4’X4’. 


‘This is what I call a workspace.’

I never had a sufficient amount of wall space and I had them in storage for twenty years. I moved them from place to place until I finally settled down here in Maine.  I still didn’t have the wall space for them and finally decided to make them the ceiling of my so-called man-cave.


Now I can sit at my desk surrounded by things that make me happy. I can lean back in my chair and look up at the ceiling and see the people, places, and things that I’ve experienced in my life.  The photos in this posting are a quick peek into the craziness of that  space that I’ve had the pleasure of creating.


05-18-2015 Journal–It’s Festival Time!   Leave a comment


With Spring underway in Maine the plants can’t wait to get out of the ground.  With such a short growing season no time is wasted by either Mother Nature or the people who live here.  As I posted a few weeks ago people were on the beach already wearing bikinis.  That’s even early for native Mainer’s but it didn’t stop them.


The tourist season in Maine is huge and it’s important to keep the visitors entertained and happy.  That’s why during Spring and Summer months there’s a steady stream of festivals, farmer’s markets, fairs, and individual town celebrations.


Last weekend my better-half returned from her week long trip and we were able to get out and enjoy the sunny weather on Saturday.  We were making our way through the city of Sanford to visit a nursery further south in North Berwick. We happened upon our first town gathering of the year.  It was some type of farmer’s market where booths were set up by neighboring farms selling their homemade products and plants.  We immediately parked and began to mingle.


It’s always fun to visit with the farmers and to purchase a few products while also snapping a few pictures.  Everyone was enjoying the beautiful day and the excellent company.  It was one of my first visits back to the city where I lived for eight years and I was glad to see things hadn’t changed at all. People were as friendly as I remembered and welcoming of any and all visitors.


‘It was a great start to what will be a great Summer.’

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