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08-01-2015 Journal–A Beautiful Garden Dinner!   Leave a comment

I’m asked one question more than any other, “Why do you work so hard to have a garden?”.  It’s not a simple answer but I’ll try to explain as best I can. For me gardening gets me out of the house, allows me the freedom to work hard, sweat a little, get dirty, and remember my later father in his garden. Having a healthy and happy herb garden accomplishes the same things except it was my mother’s favorite thing to do.  She taught me almost everything I know about herbs and growing them. 

Gardening is hard work with preparing the soil, planting the plants, fighting off bugs, other critters, and dealing with good old Mother Nature.  After all of the hard work she can easily ruin your garden with one severe storm.  It helps me appreciate the good things the garden provides and this week it begins. The plants are producing and the harvesting can begin albeit in a limited amount.

The cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen and we’ll be enjoying hundreds of them over the next couple of months.


Eating healthier has been our mantra for the last few years and the garden makes that so much easier to do.  Tonight’s dinner will be supplied totally by the garden except for the chicken breasts.  I just harvested this kohlrabi which is the size of a large softball.  Many people aren’t familiar with  them but they are similar in taste and texture to a radish.



This was was peeled and diced and set aside.  It was firm and tender and I was forced to eat some immediately with a little salt. The following items along with the diced kohlrabi were used to prepare a delicious collection of flavors, wrapped in aluminum foil, and slowly warmed over the grill while the chicken breasts were cooking.


Fresh Chives & Parsley

Fresh Green & Purple Basil

Diced Kohlrabi

Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Pea  Pods



The finished product was plated and served on the deck with a pretty decent Chardonnay.  This is the type of meal we eat for most of the Summer and Fall.  Our hard work gives us fresh food, delicious, organic,  and priced just right.


As the production increases the meals will become even more interesting.  We’ve started canning and freezing a number of items for use this Winter already, with more to come.

The saddest thing about having a garden is to see it end every Fall.  You can be sure our freezers will be filled, our herbs dried, and our pantry shelves filled with new canned goods. We’ll be eating healthy all Winter.

08-29-2014 Journal Entry– More Garden News!   Leave a comment

As the summer continues to wind down we’re slowly preparing for the end of the garden and this years growing season.  We still have a few tasks that need to be completed before I take it down for the last time. We have what seems to be an endless supply of cherry tomatoes this year which we’ll be eating steadily until the first frost.  My better-half has taken steps to can a few quarts of those tomatoes and they’ll be delicious during the upcoming Maine winter. Even though they’re canned they taste better than those hot house selections available in the food stores.


This is the first year we’ve grown black beans and I have to say they grow fast and in great numbers.  We spent a hour yesterday shucking the beans and delivering them to the dehydrator.  We can store them for a longer period of time once they’ve been sufficiently dried.




We also planted three varieties of kale which are in need of processing in some fashion. Earlier in the summer we blanched a quantity which went directly into the freezer.  I harvested what I thought was a large quantity of kale leaves yesterday thinking I would dehydrate them and store them in jars much like dried parsley.  Then they could be used in soups or sprinkled on almost any food as a flavor enhancer.  I really do love the smell and taste of kale and look forward to using it as often as possible. Unfortunately once dried and crushed my large pile of leaves turned into a single quart jar full.








‘Finished Product’

I’ve been maintaining  a fairly accurate record of what our garden has produced thus far and I’ll be posting that list within a week or so.  I feel the need to brag a little because this garden has produced more than we could ever have hoped for.


As you can see the concord grape wine has taken one more step towards final bottling.  It looks and smells wonderful and I managed to sneak a taste and it was excellent. A few more weeks and this batch will be finished and bottled.