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06-15-2016 Journal – Fine Art & Good Luck!   2 comments

It’s been a hectic week for me. I’ve been working steadily for almost two months on sketches that have made me a little crazy. I’ve finished twelve so far with more coming. These are black & white lined sketches that are digitized as I complete them. I then use my computer software to add the colors of my choice.  Here is a 2X2 inch section of the first one I completed. I’m posting it for my sister so can see and understand just what the hell I’m doing. Here it is Deb.


It’s not much of an explanation but it’s the best I can do for now. I’ve titled this one “Confusion” and rightly so.

Now on to other things.  I had a really close call yesterday and I’m not sure why I’m not in a hospital today.  My guardian angel must have been working overtime.  I was cutting my grass on a fairly new Toro riding mower. Our property is somewhat hilly in spots and I always take a great deal of care when cutting there.  I guess no matter how careful you are accidents can still occur.


I was listening to my Ipod as I cut the grass and possibly was a little distracted by the music.  I somehow missed seeing a large rock partially buried in the ground and hidden by high grass. I struck that boulder with the blade going at it highest speed. The blade hit the rock, bent itself into a question mark shape, dug into the ground, and flipped the mower completely over. I was airborne for ten feet and thankfully landed on my fat ass and not on my thick skull.


I was dazed and confused to say the least. Minor damages to the mower and to me but some serious damage to the yard.  If I hadn’t been thrown off it could easily have landed on me and broken ever bone in my body.

As I rolled out of bed this morning I was bruised and sore in many places but nothing serious. Thanks to Toro for building a machine whose safeguards kicked in and shut down the engine as it tipped over.  Needless to say I’m glad to in one piece today.



05-04-2016 Journal–Bad Weather & Politics!   Leave a comment

Politics!  I’m already sick of the so called media experts and their effed up opinions on everything. I swore I’d try to stay out it but if I see a big enough A-hole I just have to say something. This comment is meant for two of the biggest ones I’ve seen in recent months, Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck.  Mr. Beck . . . It’s time for you to get up off your knees and take a rest from kissing Ted Cruz’s ass. Mr. Cruz . . . You should get up off your knees and tell Mr. Beck to "Zip Up" cause the parties over for you.  Two idiots who deserve each other’s attention and unfortunately we’ve been forced to watch.


‘Bye Bye Teddy’

I feel a little better after getting that off my chest but I know those two morons will continue irritating me while they use up their last fifteen minutes of fame.  All of the other surviving candidates seem to be much like the band members who continued to play while the Titanic was sinking. The music wasn’t all that great and no one wanted to hear it anyway. Run for the lifeboats you idiots. Enough already.

‘Glenn Beck – Religious Fanatic & Dumb Ass’

Spring is still refusing to arrive and I’m starting to get a bit cranky.  I want to take this damn electric blanket and pack it  away once and for all. I also want to get back to bitching about the heat that won’t let me sleep at night. The same heat that burns my feet as I walk down the beach watching all the little hotties in their bikinis. Man . . . I think I’m losing it.

I actually was forced to cut my grass for the first time this week. I was bundled up in my parka and hat because the wind was a bit nippy. I wasn’t cutting much grass but I picked up enough leaves, acorns, pine cones, and branches to fill a pickup truck.  Living near one of Mother Nature’s forests is a dirty business on the good days.  I guess I can now rest for a couple of weeks until the temperatures rise enough to permit planting the garden. I can begin shopping around for plants in a week and begin filling up my cold frames.

I have a few things to do today before heading out to run errands. I’m going to try for the third time to plant rhubarb seeds. I haven’t had any success with them in the past but I won’t stop trying.  I really want to make my first batch of rhubarb wine this summer and I need the additional plants for future uses.


08-24-2015 Journal – New Camera!   Leave a comment

I’ve spent the last few days making friends with my new camera.  My Nikon D3200 is by far the best camera I’ve ever owned but it’s size becomes an issue at times. If we happen to be in town or shopping the D3200 is cumbersome. It has 24.2 megapixels which allows me a great deal of freedom when editing and I still plan on using it as much as I possibly can. Also my collection of lenses for that camera gives me more flexibility than I’ll ever need.


All that being said, I decided to purchase a small point-and-shoot camera that can easily be carried in my pocket. I know your wondering why I don’t just use the camera in my smart phone.  Two immediate problems caused me to scrap that idea.  While the telephone’s camera is already being carried everywhere by me it lacks lens flexibility.  The default lens is useful but not as useful as I’d like. Secondly, the camera in my phone has only 13 megapixels which for me is inadequate.

My search began on-line and I must have looked at a hundred different styles and types of cameras and brands. After all of that research I decided to stick with brands that I’m already familiar with such as Samsung and Nikon.  I then began my visits to local retailers to see the actual cameras and get a little hands-on experience.

After those visits my choice became easy to make.  I finally purchased a Nikon Coolpix L32 for a more than reasonable price.   It has everything I was looking for and then some. It uses a standard SD card making the transfer of photo’s to my computer much easier.  It’s zoom and focus capabilities were impressive for such a small unit and it’s 20.1 megapixels make it just about perfect for my use.

I then made a few field trips in the area to do a little experimentation with the new camera.  It was a bit confusing at first but within a few minutes I was taking some reasonably good photo’s. I returned home to snap a few more pictures in and around our garden. These photo’s will be easy to post on this blog and with a little image resizing can be emailed without a problem.

For a change I feel like I actually got a good value for the money spent. All too often in the past after making purchases I get the feeling I’ve been had.  I have to say that all of my Nikon purchases over the years have been excellent and reliable. Check these snaps out.




With both of these cameras in my bag I should be able to handle any situation or location and still get really decent results.

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