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07-25-2016 Journal – Summer Gardening!   Leave a comment

We’re in the heat of the summer and the garden is flourishing.  Even though the amount of rain has been a little less than expected the nightly watering is paying off.  We don’t water too much each day, just enough to keep the plants from wilting.  It seems to be paying off big-time.


The sunflowers are already 4 feet tall.

As you can see the garden looks healthy and green.  Even the pepper plants I was so worried about a few weeks ago have recovered and are producing what appears to be a record number of peppers.  These hot days and night are exactly what they needed.


These jalapenos will help make some delicious salsa.

My better-half has already made a number of loaves of zucchini bread and I’m anticipating a lot more in our future.  The zucchini plants as of this morning have an additional fifteen zucchini’s ready for use in breads and stir-fry’s.


This big fat one will be on the dinner table tonight.

If the rest of the summer goes as planned we’ll be celebrating one of the best gardens in recent years.  In another week or so I’ll get really serious about drying and storing many of the herbs we’ve grown.  We should easily be able to have enough on-hand for the entire winter and then some.


It’s time for me to get to work in the garden for an hour or so.  Even with fabric laid down to eliminate weeds they still manage to grow in every little crack and crevice.  It’s annoying but they must be removed as quickly as possible because they steal a lot of the nutrients needed by the vegetables and herbs.



04-20-2016 Journal – Back to the Garden!   Leave a comment

It’s been a beautiful and almost warm morning today which allowed me to get busy in the garden for a couple of hours.  I’ve been doing my best to get all of the preliminary chores out of the way as soon as possible.  Today was the day.

I was worried about my old rototiller as always.  It’s been used hard for six years and I’m always concerned that it won’t start.  To my surprise the little sweetheart started right up without any hesitation. Say what you want, those Sears Craftsmen tools are hard to kill.  That was the best $150.00 I ever spent.


It took about 45 minutes to finish and now the soil is well mixed and loose down to about 14 inches.  All of the root vegetables this year will be loving life.  Here’s the finished product.


As you can see I finished rototilling and immediately began installing the fabric. I’m reusing most of the fabric from last year which will save me a few bucks.  Thanks to this fabric 2016 will be a weed free year.

Next on my list was installing the sprinklers.  I ran the hoses through the frames and fencing and attached the sprinklers. They should give me more than enough coverage for the entire garden.


Right in the middle of my workday the grand kids arrived to take their grandmother on a walk.  I took a few minutes to chase the oldest one around the yard and to wrestle a little.  A short time later they left for their walk and I returned to my final task for the day.  The compost pile.

A few days ago I found a product in a garden center which when added to a compost pile promotes decomposition.  I took the rototiller to the compost pile and stirred things up a bit. I sprinkled the product liberally through the piles, mixed them in, and covered everything with a tarp.  It should make the compost I use later this year and next much richer.


With my list for today completed I can relax for a while.  A nice hot shower will feel great and give me enough energy to get out and run a few errands. Since the better-half is working this evening my time is my own. Here’s a shot of the garden, end-to-end.