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Another restless night for me last night due to a constant stream of really odd dreams.  I’ve always liked dreaming and I find myself looking forward to them.  Of course there’s the occasional, sit up and scream, nightmare but they can be interesting too.

Dreaming is the great way our mind can play with us a little.  You fall asleep and can be instantly visited by old friends and family who have passed making it seem like they’ve never left.

Last night I was traveling by car with an unidentified female when we pulled into a wooded area and stopped.  I looked down the nearby trail and saw a pack of approximately fifty dogs just sitting there staring at us.  The leader was a huge brown Great Dane.  I told my friend to stay in the car because if we wandered off they’d be on us immediately.  I slowly opened my door and they all ran away in the other direction. Go figure.

I’m not much for dream analysis since I believe it’s just our mind drawing on random memories to create a story.  I do find it a little strange that there seems to be an overlying theme in many of my dreams.  I’m always searching for something.  My car, a briefcase, and very often my clothing.  I occasionally have those dreams when I’m naked in public somewhere but they don’t bother me much because I truly love being naked.  Some times I find myself in flying dreams and they’re a great dream to have. My ultimate favorite without question is the dream where I’m flying and naked.

Well I’ve had my coffee and I’m ready for the day.

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