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Well, we survived the “Storm of the Century” and I thought I was home free and clear. I should have known better than to think I could sneak by for a week or so without something or someone irritating the hell out of me. With a great many people without power I thought I’d be safe from those annoying individuals calling or sending me emails about the upcoming election. Wrong again. The phone calls began as soon as the rain stopped and the power was back on; “Vote yes for gay marriage”, “Vote no for gay marriage”. The TV bombardment hasn’t stopped either and will continue until the election has come and gone.

Yesterday a stranger shows up at my door telling me that gay marriage is a threat to the foundation of this country and I must vote against it. I couldn’t believe my ears. What a lame ass argument to try and use on me, an actual informed and thinking American voter. This is just another attempt at propagandizing from the religious right and all of their special interest groups.  Needless to say I sent her packing with a tidbit of my advice to help her along,  “Get a freaking life”.

I’ve written on this subject before but I guess it bears repeating. To qualify myself, I’m independent, extremely conservative, and a well informed citizen. I can’t even begin to understand this whole gay marriage argument and the idiocy I’ve been hearing about it. Freedom apparently no longer applies to you in this county unless you belong to the right religious or political group. Certain groups are spending millions of dollars to argue a point properly made by the founding fathers and later confirmed by President Lincoln. Freedom you morons! Any color, any religion, any sexual preference, anything at all. We’re all FREE citizens with the same goddamn rights.

How did it happen that so many people have forgotten why and how this country came into being. Live and let live. Freedom for all, not just for those who agree with you. Shame on all of you who are fighting against others who are simply requesting that their freedom be honored.

Everyone in this country is in a huge “shit and sweat” over the Muslim’s and their outrageous religious beliefs.  I see almost no difference in this gay marriage argument. It’s a group of organized religions attempting to force their beliefs on a portion of the population who isn’t interested. America was founded initially on a desire for religious freedom and also I might add to protect people from religious fanatics with an agenda. I hate to admit it but the biggest problem in this country isn’t the economy, it’s too many people trying to tell to many other’s how to live their lives. The government is relentless enough without help from a bunch of frightened religious types who are defending marriage with  apparently no clue as to what a real marriage is.

There haven’t been many times I’ve found myself embarrassed to be an American, but this is one of them. Shame on all of you.

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  1. Can’t believe how much money/resources/spin goes into American elections ! …and I thought ours were bad

    • It’s ridiculous and getting worse by each election cycle. I’m still trying to understand why people will spend almost a billion dollars for a job earning just $400,000. It just proves it’s not about the money but about ego and power.

  2. “…it’s too many people trying to tell to many other’s how to live their lives.” That says it all. This argument sickens me to death. I really wish people would just live and let live. For such an “advanced” country, our thinking is still pretty damn backwards.

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