11-01-2012   2 comments

My sincerest sympathies go out to all those folks in New York New Jersey and the surrounding areas who are suffering through the terrible flooding and destruction. I can’t begin to imagine how devastating and horrible that situation must be.

I expect the media to now turn it’s attention to the recovery efforts with all of the poignant stories they’ll report or create as need be.  It’s critical that they don’t lose the ratings surge created by Sandy. They’ll milk the recovery for all it’s worth until we’re exhausted from their incessant preaching and dire predictions of the next “epic” event.

My best estimate for their switch to the next great catastrophe will be just after  the Thanksgiving weekend. The History Channel will lead the charge with a constant barrage of bullshit programming on the end of the world as we know it on December 21, 2012. They’ll be forced into continuously reporting something exciting and scary because we all know you can’t get much ratings mileage out of the big countdown of shopping days left till Christmas.

Can 100,000 dead Mayans be wrong?  The media is a fine tuned albeit liberal machine and should be reasonably successful in terrorizing a large portion of the population about the upcoming “end of days”.   Ahhhh, it takes me back to December of 1999 when the dire predictions of Y2K were being pumped for all they were worth costing businesses billions of dollars in computer time and to what end.  Nothing happened.  Planes didn’t fall from the sky, thousands were not killed when traffic lights malfunctioned around the world. Just so much BS.

Could I be wrong? Maybe, but don’t bet on it.  I’ve had enough of the media and their games and I hope you have too. I need a fresh cup of that horrible coffee I made this morning and a handful of Halloween candy leftover from last night.  That’ll teach me.

2 responses to “11-01-2012

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  1. My question is if we can wave the Jones Act and various DOT rules for this emergency why do we need them in the first place? A lot of this recovery would flow more smoothly if the government would just get out of the way.

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