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Today started out reasonably well. For a change I slept in till nine and when I awoke found my cat asleep at my feet.  That explained why he hadn’t been nagging me for his breakfast. My better-half surprised both the cat and me by getting up early and feeding him.  NICE!

I made the journey into the dark recesses of my man-cave and posted my blog without too much editing. NICE AGAIN!

My better-half loudly entered my man-cave without written permission to let me know we’d be going shopping in ten minutes. OKAY BUT NOT SO NICE.

We arrive at the supermarket and all of my nice feelings started to fade.  The place was packed with people all scurrying around which led me to believe that another “world ending” storm of “biblical proportions” might be approaching. My better-half who monitors weather reporting religiously immediately set me straight and we continued on the shopping safari.  NOT NICE.

As always I was minding my own business and cruising the aisles when I made a wrong turn and my worst nightmare was realized.  Just so you know I’m a bit claustrophobic. Not only was I trapped by groups of shoppers but someone nearby was really stinking up the place.  I’ve smelled my share of BO but OMFG this was more than a little offensive.  I pinpointed the man in question fairly easily because ten other customers were desperately trying to get the hell away from him in state of panic.  He looked relatively normal, was nicely dressed, and appeared well groomed.  To quote a M*A*S*H episode, “if you took a rotten egg and put it in a dirty sock and hid it under your bed for a week” would just about cover this guy’s aroma.  His one obvious handicap was his own lack of a sense of smell.  REALLY NOT NICE.

I escaped finally and finished my shopping but when I spotted that dude heading for the checkout register I gave him all the room I could.  He  made his way through the checkout line and stopped at the cashier.  The faces being made and the nasty looks he received were blatantly obvious but had no noticeable effect on him.  We made it back to our car and drove away. OKAY BUT STILL NOT NICE.

Arrived home. NICE!

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  1. Oh yuck! We had a similar situation once, and he just wouldn’t leave. Ugh, I think I’m remembering the smell. You’re right…NOT NICE! 😉

  2. John, You should learn to embrace all types of people and their smells. This is the goal of our newly re-elected President and should be your as well!

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