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Frigid cold last night and a very thin blanket of snow covering everything this morning.  I walked outside for a few minutes and the air has that snap in it that I miss so much sometimes.  When I can feel my nose hairs freezing and my face being chapped by the cold wind.  These are some of the insane reasons I thoroughly enjoy Winter.

The thing I really don’t enjoy is the garbage that’s frozen to my driveway after a rather sloppy pickup by the local trash company yesterday.  I needed a freaking ice pick and a shovel just to break it’s hold on the asphalt.  Another of life’s little annoyances to kick you in the butt and to help you forget just how sentimental and emotionally sloppy your becoming over a little cold air and a brisk wind.  I worry about myself a little when I begin waxing philosophic about weather changes.

Maybe it’s just this junior league hangover I’m sporting this morning.  A few too many glasses of a reasonably good Chardonnay will do it to you every time. 

I’m being forced by the passing days to complete my Christmas shopping but I can’t seem to get motivated about the holidays thus far.  I’ve been avoiding the crowds and the all of the Christmas related decorations and music just through a total lack of interest.  I’m hoping for a minor miracle that will somehow infuse me with that hard to find spirit just to keep my better-half happy.

I may be forced to surprise her when she gets home later today.  I’ll unpack that beautiful eight foot fake Christmas tree and get it set up for her.  I’ll need  EMT’s standing by if I do because the shock might kill her.  But . . . If I’m foolish enough to set up that tree then chaos will certainly follow.  Before she goes to work tomorrow there will be boxes of ornaments, strings of lights, and dozens of feet of tinsel awaiting me. “You were so sweet to put up the tree for me, how about finishing the rest of the decorating today?”.   I may have to take a short break, have a coffee, and then have my freaking head examined.  Why in Gods name would I do that to myself.  Wait just a second . . . .

. . . . OK I’m back.  I went away for a while to a happy place where my inner voices told me to shut up, forget the damn decorations, and stop being stupid.  Thank God for them.  I’m getting in my car and taking my camera to  begin another search for a few of those elusive Kodak moments anywhere but where Christmas music is playing.

FA, LA, LA, LA ,LA . . . .. LA ,LA, LA, LA!

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  1. Bah humbug! So far, I’ve avoid any place playing Christmas music. So far…

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