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Well, my day in the kitchen is over and I’m sitting here labeling approximately 12 quarts of my new salsa recipe.  After all of the adjustments were made to the recipe it turned out much better than I anticipated.  After it cooled I was able to sample it with some nice and crispy yellow corn chips. I have a grading scale I use when making salsa and I rated this one a 4.  That’s means after eating four teaspoons of the salsa the back of my head begins to sweat.  This stuff is smoking hot and at the same time filled with great flavor.

I’m sending a pint of the finished product to work with my better-half tomorrow. I often use her fellow employees to test and taste my cooking efforts and their feedback is usually pretty accurate. It really helps me in refining my recipes. This batch is officially called Roasted Corn w/Black Bean & Currants. In another few months the flavor and heat should improve dramatically after sitting in the jar and make for a really great addition to any of my better-half’s Mexican food meals.  Mission accomplished.

Now that my cooking job is over I can return to my Harry Potter reading assignment. I finished book #6 late last night and it was the absolute best one so far.  I’m already one chapter into #7 and it looks like it will be even better than the last.  What a pleasant surprise.  I’m going to be very sad to see this story end because after seven books the characters are becoming like old friends. Another series for my eclectic book collection. I suppose I’ll be up late reading again tonight and hopefully get a decent nights sleep after that.

The weather here in Maine is very cold with approximately one and a half feet of snow still on the ground.  I’d love to get into the woods but I’m waiting for a warmer day (around 30 degrees) before venturing out.  I’m a fanatic about getting great Winter pictures but I’m not crazy.  Patience is supposed to be a virtue so I’ll remain virtuous for a few more days.

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  1. Ewww, snow? 😉
    Wow, on book 7 already, nice! Now I want to reread them. Ugh, if only they weren’t sooo long. Glad you’re enjoying them though.

  2. How do you get on the distribution list for the salsa?

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