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Here are the statistics folks, 4100 pages and 199 Chapters. This marks the finish of my Harry Potter reading extravaganza.  I couldn’t put the last book down and finished reading it at 3:00 this morning (OMG).  I’m so glad I made the journey through those books because it offered me a much richer story and well defined characters that the movies ever could or did.  If you’re an avid reader I’d recommend reading the story from start to finish to anyone.  Rowling made a boat load of money from her efforts with Harry Potter and in my humble opinion she deserved every bit of it.  It’s time to move along to the next reading challenge and to leave Harry and his friends behind. Hopefully I’ll figure out what that challenge will be very soon.

In my travels yesterday I stopped at a local Starbucks in an attempt to give them one last try to wow me with their over priced products.  As you can tell I’m not a fan but I’m willing to spend my hard earned money in an attempt to find something they sell that is worth the price they’re charging.  I’d like nothing better than to have a second option for coffee buying besides Dunkin Donuts.

I recently saw a television ad where Starbucks was pushing a new product, Vanilla Blond Roast.  They indicated in the ad that it’s for people who desire a milder version of their overpriced regular coffees.  Being the nice guy that I am I walked up to the counter and ordered a “Grande” (that a medium for everyone else on the planet) Vanilla Blond coffee.  It was freaking awful. I gagged down a couple of swallows and delivered the remainder directly into a nearby trashcan.  I must say that I really had low expectations to begin with and they didn’t even exceed those.  As I said so many times in the past, “Starbucks Sucks”.  The only good thing I’ve gotten from Starbucks in recent months was a few free apps for my IPad. In the future I’ll just walk to the register, take the weekly free app card, smile at the barista (just so you know, that’s a cashier), and walk away.  I’ll then jump in my car and make my way to DD for a real cup of coffee at half the price.  Just saying!

I’ll leave you today with a joke I heard recently.  Everyone needs a laugh or two especially at the expense of the King Obama. Enjoy!

Obama was leaving the country club golf course when he was accosted by an armed robber who demanded, "Give me all of your money!"

Barack haughtily replied, "Do you know who I am. I’m the President of the United States!"

The robber snarled back, "Then give me all my money."

I knew it, it made you smile too!

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  1. LOL! The joke that applies to all politicians.

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