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01-23-2016 Journal– PC BS & Cultural Rot!   Leave a comment

I’m just lying in bed this morning having my coffee and catching up on the state of our civilization here in the United States.  Don’t let that intimidate you, that just means I’m perusing the Drudge Report.  I’m not a drudgeaholic but as news goes it’s better than some and worse than others.  Unfortunately Drudge like all of the other news outlets seems to have his own agenda at times which puts me off a little when it doesn’t agree with me.

The first thing I noticed was all of the panic and horror being brought on by this world ending 30 inches of snow expected soon in the mid-Atlantic states. Oh yeah, they’ll be severe flooding as well but I’m certain that Obama and FEMA will have things totally under control.

Obama will soon begin his campaign of directing the rest of the country into having community prayer meetings begging whatever God they believe in to save Washington DC from total destruction. Then the media will begin it’s never ending assault on our consciences with heart rendering pictures of overturned cars, children in snow up to their waist, and a recount of all the homeless people forced to stay in shelters. Then the special interest groups will step in and have their web sites ready to go to accept any and all donations to save these poor innocent victims of this horrific "Storm of the Century.  If you aren’t reading sarcasm in this, wake up.


As I continued my review of Drudge I came upon an item which pretty much tells the whole story about where things have gotten to culturally in this country.  It was a blurb out of the Sundance Film Festival about a much acclaimed movie, The Swiss Army Man. It’s a story based entirely on one man’s relationship with a farting and rotting corpse. It apparently caused many people to just get up and leave the theatre but also as disturbingly many did not. The star, Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame should be ashamed of himself. There’s a fine line between avant-garde and just plain disgusting. He apparently hasn’t figured out just where that line is. 

Reading that story was enough for me. It motivated me to get the hell out of bed,  get dressed, and get on my way to do just about anything else. That certainly doesn’t include reading more about celebrities and pop culture idiots doing their best to show the rest of the word just how far we’ve come. It’s apparent that we in this country have forgotten our history lessons about the all powerful Roman Empire that crumbled and disappeared when their limits of decency and morality were ignored.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet but it seems we’re getting closer and closer each year to their level of idiocy.


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And a big Happy Groundhog Day to you all. I almost decided to wear my full body gopher costume for the day but my better-half put her foot down. She refused to allow me to leave the house dressed like that.  She told me in no uncertain terms that I’d just have to be happy with what I wrote yesterday.  She can be such a buzz kill at times.

So instead I resumed my remodeling project and worked at it for most of the day. All of the electrical has been rerouted, installed and working as expected.  The insulation has been replaced with care and repaired in certain spots as well. The new vapor barrier has been installed and finally allows me to get on with the reframing of the closet and the new opening into my bedroom.  I’m still on schedule with final completion slated for sometime in late April. 

My Harry Potter obsession seems to be winding down. In the  the last two months I’ve read all of the books and seen all of the movies and it’s been a great undertaking.  All that remains now is the two X-box LEGO Harry Potter games which are sure to be difficult and time consuming.  I’ll probably be working on those two games well into the Fall but as with all obsessions I can’t wait to get started.

I surprised my better-half this afternoon with a Ground Hog Day night on the town in Portland.  There’s nothing less exciting than a night on the town on a cold February night in Portland, ME.  Luck was with us when surprise, surprise we found a decent parking spot  almost immediately. Anyone who lives here knows what a miracle that was. We made our way down Commercial street to the Dry Dock bar, tavern, and meeting place for all those people terribly bored with the winter weather. The second surprise was an extremely nice and competent waitress which doesn’t happen all that often either. Surprise number three, the food.  Without question this was the best little meal I can ever remember having.  It was three plates of appetizers with each one more delicious than the last.  Pork Wings followed by Crab Rangoon followed by hot and spicy Chicken Wings. Add to that a decent glass of Cabernet for me and a Shipyard beer for the better-half and you’ve got a great night going on. The place was an old building with the classic store front windows where you can sit and watch the world go by.  You can bet we’ll be returning here often.

We returned home for some quiet time and if my luck holds I’ll be chasing my better-half around the house until she lets me catch her.  As always it’s all about the chase.

Have a great weekend chasing whoever it is you chase.

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Winter has returned with a vengeance here in Maine.  It’s not snow this time but frigid cold.  The wind chill has been below zero for a few days which means I don’t leave this house unless it’s on fire.  These are the days when my list of winter projects becomes important. 

After I finished reading the entire collection of Harry Potter books two weeks ago I then decided I wanted to see all of the movies now that I had a better understanding of the story line.    Yesterday was the start of my Harry Potter movie marathon made possible by a grant made to me by my better-half’s daughter.  I have in my hot little hand all of the HP movies in Blue Ray, I effing love it. This weather made it possible for me to watch the first three movies without much interruption yesterday. 

One big surprise though, my better-half sat in for a few minutes at the beginning of movie number 4 and became  mesmerized. She watched that entire movie and loved it.  I was informed last night that I wasn’t to watch any of the other films unless she was here to watch them with me.  I didn’t mind that too much since I actually like having her around most of the time.  Besides if I happen to remain quiet and really still she’s likely to be the first person to raid the kitchen and make us popcorn.

The marathon will continue later tonight but this morning I’m back in the kitchen making a batch of hot and spicy barbecue sauce.  If I manage it properly I can have it made, canned, and on the shelf before my better-half returns home from work.  I’ll return shortly. . . .

(Time Passing)

Well I’m back and the sauce has been made and canned.  The cleanup is actually easier since I made a smaller batch than normal.  I was able to can 16 half pints of sauce with each one holding enough for a meal of chicken wings  or a meat of choice.  It was a newly developed recipe which offers a lot of flavor and a medium amount of heat.  I decided to ease up on the heat since most of this batch will be given to friends and family.  I’ll make a smaller batch in a few weeks which will be much hotter and more to our taste.

I’m just sitting here now waiting for the better-half to arrive.  I went outside to check the mail earlier and OMG is it freaking cold.  The deck is making gun shot noises as the nails are popping from the temperature.   The first time made me jump a bit but the poor cat is going crazy.  He no sooner gets to sleep then BANG.  It’s harshing his buzz and making him extremely cranky.

Tomorrow is another day in paradise.

01-10-2013   2 comments

Here are the statistics folks, 4100 pages and 199 Chapters. This marks the finish of my Harry Potter reading extravaganza.  I couldn’t put the last book down and finished reading it at 3:00 this morning (OMG).  I’m so glad I made the journey through those books because it offered me a much richer story and well defined characters that the movies ever could or did.  If you’re an avid reader I’d recommend reading the story from start to finish to anyone.  Rowling made a boat load of money from her efforts with Harry Potter and in my humble opinion she deserved every bit of it.  It’s time to move along to the next reading challenge and to leave Harry and his friends behind. Hopefully I’ll figure out what that challenge will be very soon.

In my travels yesterday I stopped at a local Starbucks in an attempt to give them one last try to wow me with their over priced products.  As you can tell I’m not a fan but I’m willing to spend my hard earned money in an attempt to find something they sell that is worth the price they’re charging.  I’d like nothing better than to have a second option for coffee buying besides Dunkin Donuts.

I recently saw a television ad where Starbucks was pushing a new product, Vanilla Blond Roast.  They indicated in the ad that it’s for people who desire a milder version of their overpriced regular coffees.  Being the nice guy that I am I walked up to the counter and ordered a “Grande” (that a medium for everyone else on the planet) Vanilla Blond coffee.  It was freaking awful. I gagged down a couple of swallows and delivered the remainder directly into a nearby trashcan.  I must say that I really had low expectations to begin with and they didn’t even exceed those.  As I said so many times in the past, “Starbucks Sucks”.  The only good thing I’ve gotten from Starbucks in recent months was a few free apps for my IPad. In the future I’ll just walk to the register, take the weekly free app card, smile at the barista (just so you know, that’s a cashier), and walk away.  I’ll then jump in my car and make my way to DD for a real cup of coffee at half the price.  Just saying!

I’ll leave you today with a joke I heard recently.  Everyone needs a laugh or two especially at the expense of the King Obama. Enjoy!

Obama was leaving the country club golf course when he was accosted by an armed robber who demanded, "Give me all of your money!"

Barack haughtily replied, "Do you know who I am. I’m the President of the United States!"

The robber snarled back, "Then give me all my money."

I knew it, it made you smile too!

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01-09-2013   2 comments

I’m back in remodeling mode today but honestly my heart isn’t in it just yet.  I’m slowly but surely, a little at a time, collecting the materials I need to continue this room rebuild and maybe that will kick start my motivation.

I can tell the holidays are over when I find myself in Lowes looking for dry wall screws, joint tape, and a host of other things.  I’m so totally uninterested in doing this job I’m beginning to bore myself.  Lowes allows me to people watch a bit and while the people here are interesting I should probably stop at Walmart for the real deal.  I’ll just ride through their parking lot which should feed my raging addiction for large numbers of A-holes acting stupidly. Instead I’m on my way for a quick walk through at a wildlife area along the coast. I can trudge through a foot of snow, gather my thoughts, and possibly take a few photos.  The fresh air will hopefully do me some good.

Tra La La (This is time passing)

I’m back home with a few dozen photo’s, wet and freezing feet, and a better outlook on the day.  I just put in an hour or so of prep work on the room remodel by beginning to reframe the closet to match the one found in the master bedroom. I also decided where I’ll be placing the new electrical outlets on the walls and where the wire runs will go.  These are the many little things that need to be accomplished before the lumber and dry wall appears and the real labor begins.  I still have a lot of rewiring to accomplish because the idiot who built this place apparently let his three year old do the wiring.  The wires are improperly run, the boxes improperly placed, and a total lack of trying to meet any local code requirements.  Just a sub-par job from start to finish.  Oh no, my lack of interest is again rearing it’s ugly head so I’m packing it in for today. 

I find myself totally obsessed with the final Harry Potter novel, the Deadly Hallows, which is almost impossible for me to put down.  I won’t be able to finish it tonight but I’m sure to complete the entire story tomorrow.  It’s not often I get a book that grabs me the way this one has and it’s nice.  Total escapism of which I’m in dire need of right now. 

I still need to come up with a few dinner possibilities for us this evening.  My lack of interest has just magically expanded to include my food choices and just about everything else.  I’ll wait for my better-half to arrive and drop it all in her lap.  She likes to be in control of everything and I think I’ll let her.  My father would call this crappy attitude my “I don’t give a shit about anything” approach.  He never really appreciated it when I was a kid and I’m sure my better-half will feel the same now.

C’mon tomorrow.

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Happy New Year everyone.  My best laid plans for our New Years celebration was only semi-successful.  We had a few friends over early in the evening for drinks and few yucks.  They had children at home looking to celebrate the New Year and needed to be there to supervise, so they left a little early. It was nice for a couple of hours to kick back and relax with some friendly faces.  The get-together broke up early and my better-half immediately reheated the Chinese food she’d obtained earlier in the day and as always it was yummy and really filling.

I never planned on staying awake for the standard TV celebrations but my better-half insisted she was going to bring the New Year in properly by watching the ball drop with her favorite male fantasy figure, Ryan Seacrest.  I retired to the bedroom to continue my readings on Harry Potter.  I just finished book #6 and I was really getting excited about finishing the final volume over the next week or so.  The story has slowly evolved from a kid’s story into a rather interesting novel.  I’m glad I decided to hang in there and read them all.

It was 10:00 pm and I was really getting into the book when my half asleep better-half stumbled into the room, jumped into bed, and mumbled something about waking up just before midnight.  I knew she was just kidding herself but I played along.  It was lights out at 10:30 and no one woke up for the ball drop (sorry Ryan).  We both slept straight through the night and wished each other a happy New Year around eight the next morning.  I don’t care what anyone says, it was an excellent way to celebrate the end of 2012.

After a nice breakfast of twice reheated Chinese food with an egg on top we grabbed our cameras and hit the road.  We had quite a lot of snow on the roads but we decided to explore some of the more rural areas looking for those elusive Kodak moments.  It was cold and crisp and some of the snow scenes we shot were spectacular.  Horse farms with horses in the snow, giant pine trees nearly bent over with the snow on their branches.  This was the perfect way to spend a New Years Day.

After fifty or sixty miles and over a hundred photos later we returned home to get warm and to prepare a luscious pork roast dinner with sides of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  We ended the day snuggled up on the couch watching a movie and looking at the days photo’s.  Pretty damn nice if I do say so myself. 

I can only hope that all of you enjoyed your day half as much as we enjoyed ours.  Bring on 2013.

11-14-2012   2 comments

We had a wonderful night tonight. Celebrating my better-half’s birthday is always a treat and she didn’t let me down. We went out for dinner and she absolutely consumed a gigantic steak and all of the fixings. She had a tough day at work and I could tell she was exhausted but all I had to do was mention the word steak and she was ready to go.

I don’t know whether any of you’ve had the opportunity to eat at a  Texas Roadhouse restaurant but I highly recommend it. I love a good steak as much as the next guy but there are times when other dishes call to me. Last night as I was perusing the menu I found something I wasn’t expecting and I had an OMG moment. I love steak but instead ordered some good old down home country fried chicken with a white sauce that was to die for. This is no lie, I ate until I couldn’t eat another mouthful and it was wonderful. While I was pigging out on the chicken my better-half was devouring a large chunk of cow. It sounded and appeared to be delicious. Of course since she was the birthday girl it was required by the restaurant staff that she be recognized with a rootin-tootin country “Happy Birthday”. They dragged her out of our booth and seated her on a saddle while the entire restaurant and staff hooted and howled and wished her a happy birthday.  She was thrilled and I thanked God it wasn’t my birthday. Reminder to Self: Don’t go near a Texas Roadhouse on your birthday.

After a couple of drinks and that huge meal we made our way home, opened a few gifts, and then vegged out. I knew she was very tired and wasn’t going to  last much longer. She only blew out the candle on her cake since neither of us could eat another mouthful of food. All in all we had a great time and celebrated the hell out of her birthday.  She had an early day of work but still had enough energy left to talk to her children when they made their obligatory birthday calls from different parts of the country.

As always I’m a bit of a nighthawk and stayed awake for another few hours doing a little reading and little thinking. I’m on the verge of finishing the second Harry Potter book but it’s not near as good as the first one. Two thirds of the way through I started to get bored with the story but continued on because I had assurances from friends that each book gets progressively better than the last. I finally put Harry Potter off to the side and again attempted to read the book that has become my recent frustration. Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie is the toughest book I’ve ever tried to read except for possibly the Talmud and the Koran. I discovered one thing last evening.  I’m  never going to finish this book because it is just so much bullshit and nonsense. I’ve had people brag to me about reading this book and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s more about their snobbery than reading anything of consequence. How in the hell this book created such a furor within the Muslim community is beyond me. In my opinion it’s highly overrated in every respect. So consider this my book club selection of the month and here’s my true feelings.  Don’t read it, it sucks, it’s boring, it’s freaking stupid, and I hate it.  There, I feel better already.

A good nights sleep and I’ll be ready for the week of pre-Thanksgiving propaganda to come.

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A few cups of coffee, an hour on the computer, and then back to the serious work of remodeling our spare room. I’m in the process of combining our master bedroom with an adjacent unused room and I’ve pretty much gutted the room to include removal of all the drywall from the walls and ceiling. I’ve pulled up and removed the carpeting and pads and removed the old electrical outlets and switches. Thank god it’s not a huge room but its still a lot of work and preparation.

Today I’m beginning to rewire some of the outlets and taking measurements for the laminate flooring. Small but important steps in the process. Next week Ill be reframing the closet and deciding how much of the wall to remove to make the new opening into our bedroom. Good old Lowe’s delivered the new drywall and studs last week and I’m almost ready to get serious about this project. I’m  tempted to just call a contractor but my better half insists I do some of the heavy lifting. She’s just so frugal at times it makes me crazy.

I stayed up a little too late last night reading book number one of the Harry Potter series. I was surprised how closely the movie followed the story line but there were a few things in it that were edited out of the movie. Hagrid in the movie came across much differently than in the book. He was a big loveable hulk in the movie but was portrayed as something of a loser in the book. It’s those subtle little things that allows books to remain true to the authors original story. Hollywood has a way of editing stories in a lot of little ways that can sometimes change the entire story. I’ll stick to my books thank you very much. Unfortunately I got so caught up in the story I lost track of time and the next thing I know it was one o’clock. Obviously I need all the beauty sleep I can get so off to bed I went.

As I walked into the bathroom this morning the mirror was very unkind to me. I looked like “forty mile of bad road” and felt just about that good. I’m still tired as hell but I’m up and finally motivating.

My better-half is working today and has meetings scheduled well into the late afternoon. I can finish my tasks and still have time for a hour or two with my camera along the coast somewhere north of here.

Back to work. No more procrastinating

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Are you as sick as I am with all this political nonsense? I decided to get out of the house for a few hours with my better-half to take a short hike through the woods, in a non-hunting area of course, to just enjoy the clean air and the sunny day. The area where we wanted to walk is approximately seven miles from our home and we took the round-about-way of getting there.

I decided just for the hell of it to count all of those annoying political signs that seem to pop up at every intersection and clutter the landscape during every election cycle. I stopped counting at three hundred but it was easily twice that.

I realize there are some rather loosely enforced rules about where those signs can be placed and how many can be placed there but that’s not really my point. It’s just another way for politicians of both parties to irritate the hell out of people. It’s bad enough that we have to listen to a barrage of advertisements on television but now they’re calling on my cell phone. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this country whose made an attempt to contact every no-contact list imaginable to stop these annoying intrusions. Whatever rules they’ve set up for this kind of political crap just aren’t being enforced. Why am I acting so surprised?  Everyone knows the rules don’t apply to the political elites.

I’m not a big fan of things political and I’ve lost a great deal of respect for many of the people who insist on living that lifestyle. I can respect a blue-collar worker much more than a smooth talking, word parsing, political hack. These feelings aren’t restricted to any specific political party because the differences between the two have become so blurred in the last few years it’s all the same damn thing. I know it doesn’t do much good to bitch and  complain but it certainly makes me feel a little better.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting this week, I was able to make a little progress on that sculpture I been working on. It felt good to zone out for a few hours and concentrate on something interesting instead of the normal everyday humdrum nonsense. It still won’t be ready for Christmas but at least I’m back working at it. I love working with unusual materials and this project has taken it further than I normally go. Trying to create or re-create a woman’s hairdo out of white caulking compound has been a true challenge. I know exactly how I wanted it done  and how I wanted it to look but getting there has become quite a challenge. I’ll keep slaving away and hopefully see an end to this project sometime after the holidays. Maybe I’ll be forced to make it a Valentine’s Day gift.

I did little shopping earlier today at a local store that sells used CDs, books, and video games. I love reading and I’ve been wanting for the longest time to eventually read the entire Harry Potter book series. I got extremely lucky and was able to purchase the first six books of that series at a reasonable price.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the book I’m currently reading and be able to get into the first book of Harry Potter sometime this evening. The books are always better than the movies, at least in my experience.

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