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It’s March finally and we’re well on our way to April.  Over the last few days it’s snowed twice more and made this one helluva Maine winter to remember.  I’m happy because snow cover is good for our perennials and herbs and offers perfect protection against the wind and cold air.  Last year we had very little snow that lasted for any length of time and the plants suffered. Almost forty percent of my herb garden was lost including many older plants that I’ve tended for years.  That noise you’re not hearing is me crossing my fingers.

The Maine aquifers are full and any threat of drought has been eliminated for the foreseeable future.  I’m hearing that the celebrations over at the Poland Spring bottling plant could last for weeks. This winter is not only great for their business but also for revenues of the towns where they buy water.

Today was a good day for me because I was able to sit on my ass and watch while my room remodel continued.  I finally wised up and hired someone to put down the new hardwood floor.  It was done quickly and expertly and looks incredible and I didn’t spill a drop of wine in the process.  Life is good sometimes.  I actually was hoping it would take more than one day to do so I could loaf for a while longer.  Because of the installers efficiency I’ll now be forced into beginning the dry wall installation.  Another good plan foiled.

I’m sitting here listening to the Maine winter body count on the radio.  Another three snowmobiler’s dead.  They attempted to cross a partially frozen lake and went down with the ship.  It was announced that the search for their bodies has been postponed until spring when the ice melts.  What a terrible way to die.

For those of you living in warmer climates you need to understand that there are probably more snowmobiles in this state than people.  We have areas up north that are snowmobile superhighways requiring places where you can stop and eat and even occasional police patrols to enforce the speed limits.  You can travel for miles and miles and never see a road or even the ground.  I’ve sat at one of the hundreds of snowmobile crossings in this state while thirty or forty snowmobiles rode by.  Husbands, wives, kids, and even a pet of two.  It’s really amazing to watch.

With that many people out and about on them and the large number of lakes in the state it’s just inevitable that fatal accidents will happen.  Sympathies to the families for sure but  more Maine winter casualties can be expected and will almost certainly occur.  It’s a grim fact of life here in snow country.

I  can smell some really excellent pizza cooking and my glass of wine is almost empty.  That’s a Maine winter emergency I can do something about.  More snow expected is through the night tonight and another winter wonderland in the morning. Hooray!

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  1. Is there a good way to die?

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