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I’m lying here this morning and cursing the fact that Spring has apparently sprung.  These last few days of beautiful weather must have effected by mind and made me even more stupid than people say I am.  I’ve been completely caught up in the Spring Fever craziness and I’m paying the price for it today.

Yesterday was my first full day dedicated  totally to yard work and garden preparations.  I dearly love gardening but I made a rookie mistake and allowed myself to forget about the basics of working outside.  Full sunshine should never be ignored or forgotten, EVER.  I started my day by pulling out the rototiller and spent an hour turning over the soil in the garden to loosen it up before planting.  Then getting even more stupid I continued working by placing black landscape fabric over the garden frames and attaching it to the ground with large metal staples.  This fabric is cool because it eliminates weeding but still allows the rain water to soak through.  The sun was very hot but I was in the gardening zone, unfortunately.

I was still pumped about the day so I decided after finishing the fabric installation to fire up my riding mower and do a quick yard cleanup.  Now I’ve been in the sun without any lotion or hat for some four hours.  I was still feeling good so I kept on going by cutting the grass for the first time this year.

If you look up the word stupid in the dictionary you just might find my photograph there. I am the poster boy for stupid as reflected in my cherry red head, nose, cheeks, ears, and lips.  I took a shower before going to bed and I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear all the screaming.  I am an effing moron who looks like a French Fry.  I slopped at least a pint of lotion on my face and head hoping that it would help but it didn’t.  I probably won’t be able to shave in the morning or even smile.

After all of that I still had a great day.  Having been sick for the previous week really put me behind schedule on the garden work and unfortunately Mother Nature waits for no man.  Now I’m fully up to speed and back on schedule.  As soon as my face stops glowing I’ll be right back out there playing in the dirt and enjoying as much of the warm weather as I can.

I’d like to continue this posting but a cold shower and another bottle of lotion await.

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