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The rain in Maine is mostly a huge pain.  This weather is continuing to wear on my nerves.  Rain, rain, and more effing rain.  I kind of feel like I’m living in India during the monsoon season.  That lovely musty smell has now become the norm and I’m certainly not enjoying that at all.  It would be nice to have three or four days of warm, non-humid weather that would allow the house and garage to dry out just a little.  Unfortunately wishing doesn’t make it so.

Earlier this year I picked up a copy of Poor Richards Almanac for 2013 and I’m beginning to become a real believer.  The almanac has been right on the money on the weather patterns for the last few months for this area.  If their predictions continue to be as accurate this will be one of the wettest summers on record for Maine.  Without a doubt it will be great for the garden but OMG.  I already need a machete to walk through the garden and the amount of veggies is going to be huge.

I see many days of picking, cleaning, and canning of veggies like never before.  We’re anticipating quantities of zucchini, cucumbers, and squashes that will be incredible.  Thankfully we’re well prepared and have more than enough supplies to handle things.  This year we may be canning a good quantity of mixed veggies with jalapeños to heat them up a little. Probably as many as sixty pints of hot Bread & Butter pickles and possibly some hot relish as well.  It’s amazing just how much production we get from such a medium sized garden.

I grew two items this year that I ‘m experimenting with, mustard and curry.  The mustard started off rather slowly but with all this rain the plants are almost three feet high now with brilliant yellow flowers.  The leaves have the greatest taste and are making our salads much more flavorful.  I should also be able to harvest enough seeds to make my first attempt at creating my own mustard.  If that’s successful then I’ll plant at least three times as many plants next year.  The curry was an aromatic plant which when dried will make one helluva good addition to our collection of cooking herbs.

My better-half has already started making her jams for the year.  She just completed two batches of blueberry which is always the best. One of the batches was made with a new gadget we received as a gift.  It’s sold by the Ball Company and made specifically for making jellies and jams.  It the coolest thing ever.  You put your crushed fruit into the cooking container, set the time, and it cooks the fruit until perfect.  It then beeps four times to tell you when to add the sugar.  It cooks a little longer, beeps once and then turns itself off.  You then spoon it into jars and can as normal.  Less mess and no possibility of cooking errors which have been an issue in the past.  I can’t wait to try it with a few of my new experimental flavors once I get the recipes completed.

I’m still hoping for some dryer weather so some of the other crops can thrive as well but what can you do.  Mother Nature cruises along at her own speed with absolutely no regard for us pitiful human beings.

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