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It’s time for a regular journal entry to help me to catch up on things as the summer moves along.  The heat wave has finally broken and we’re having a few intermittent  rain showers on some really beautiful and sunny days. For the past few days we’ve had family visitors from Rhode Island who needed a little Maine getaway to clear their heads and breath some clean fresh air.

The guests arrived late yesterday evening after a bout with car problems.  It’s funny (or not) how and when batteries decide to die.  It’s never in your driveway but always on the road, miles from anywhere, and raining.  We  were up chatting and catching up until 2am and and slept in the next morning since it was lightly raining.  It gave us a chance to shop for a new battery and install it before the rain ended.  That evening we decided a visit to the Old Orchard Beach amusement park was in order and we had a great time. 

The rain stopped and the tourists and visitors were out in large numbers enjoying the cool evening air.  We hit the arcades for a few games and after blowing ten bucks throwing bean bags at balloons I won an ugly green stuffed animal.  My better-half was thrilled and I’ll probably be seeing that stupid thing for the rest of my life.  She bonded with it immediately and gave it a cutsy name before we even returned home.  Our group rode a few rides , took lots of photo’s, and had a really fun evening.

We were in bed at a reasonable hour in anticipation of an early start in the morning.  We visited a local church fair the next day.  It’s one we attend annually and really enjoy.  My better-half loves the flea market and I’m there for the excellent french fries and hot sausage sandwiches.  They have a huge tent filled with books at dirt cheap prices and I’m usually able to buy enough books to get me through the winter. 

Our visitors left after a few hours to return home to Rhode Island.  The better-half and I stayed a while longer after running into a few old friends.  She loves the raffles and spent the last hour sitting at a table and filling out raffle tickets.  The worst thing to happen last year was that she won one of the small raffles.  Now she’s hooked and thinks she’s going o win every year.  It’s all for a good cause though but I just wish she’d win something I could use. 

All in all a good couple of days as we start our march towards the Fall season.  I love the fact that there’s sure to be a small community fair almost every weekend from now until late October.  Lots of fairs and lots of fun.

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