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It’s time for another one of my boring journal entries.  Today was the day I was to spend some real quality time with my better-half and a host of smarmy, smooth talking, used car salesmen.  We spent the day driving from car dealership to car dealership, test driving, and sitting in way too many vehicles.

I’ve never been much of a car person.  I never found it necessary as a young man to base my self-worth on the newness or expensiveness of a car.  I’ve always had decent enough cars but never concerned myself with what others thought about the color, size, or coolness.  Cars to me  are just tools to be purchased, used, maintained and after a reasonable time, scrapped. 

I’ve had so many different vehicles over the years I have a hard time remembering them all.  So when assisting my better-half in obtaining another vehicle I’m what you might call, unemotional.  Cars are either, poor, good, or very good based solely on mileage, comfort, and of course, cost.  Not so for her though.

My better-half has an ability to fall into an immediate emotional relationship not just with cars but any inanimate object she comes in contact with.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  We first made a trip the body shop where the corpse of “her baby” was being stored.  We were there to retrieve the license plates and to remove any of her remaining possessions.  It was a short and silent ride to  the lot and I jumped out immediately to begin the process.  I began removing the plates and  looking for other stuff as fast as I could.  I wanted to get in, get the job done, and get out before she broke down and started crying.  She did better than I expected but she was really hurting as we drove away for the final time.  She actually rescued the cigarette lighter and stuffed it in her purse.  Just another crazy keepsake for her Woman Cave.

Just after the accident she actually considered refusing the settlement from the insurance company, bringing the car home, and spending a great deal of money to repair it.  It took me quite some time to explain that she was thinking about spending  almost twice what the car was worth to repair it. Then we would have a ten year old partially rusted POS. I was on the verge of losing my freaking mind.

Thank God she finally was able to think it through and make the decision to move on with her life without “her baby”.  Our day with the car dealerships was just as you would imagine, a lot of smooth talking BS mixed in with a few semi-truthful facts to help confuse the issue.  We found a couple of possible candidates and hopefully within a week she’ll make her final decision.  The accident was bad enough but another day of car hunting and car salesmen could persuade me to violence.


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