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I’ve written many a post over the years about sex, relationships, and especially women.  I ‘m the same as most men, we really don’t have a complete grasp on what women want or expect before, during, and after sex.  Some times we get lucky and do things just right but as a woman changes so does her desires during sex.  Lick an ear lobe one day and your just so damn sexy.  Wait a week, lick the same ear lobe and get a somewhat tepid response.  Women?

I decided that a thorough search on the Web might help me clarify a few things if I could find a few females willing to help me.  I think the following list of things women like or love might be helpful to all of you inept men out there.  It reminds me an episode of Friends where Monica and Rachel attempt to educate Chandler about various female erogenous zones.  It was funny and sad at the same time.

Let’s get started.  For all of you women out there who feel the need to respond to these facts, please be kind and keep the profanity to a minimum.

* * *

Stay in Shape: This becomes increasingly difficult as we age.  Older men have the proverbial pot belly and it can be difficult to stop Mother Nature from intruding into your bedroom. Let change this category to Stay in the Best Shape You Can. Start doing exercises and other techniques to help you improve. She’ll be begging for much more sex once you do!

Take Your Time: More extended foreplay. Think about it, by delaying the penetration and enjoying the foreplay, she’d feel more wet and will enjoy sex a lot more.

Emotional Connection. To enjoy sex better, women  need to feel connected to the man emotionally. Well, this doesn’t make one night stands less sexy but in a relationship where you’ve had sex a few times, you always need to focus on making her feel loved and emotionally connected to you.

Raise Her Self esteem. For a woman, self esteem is one of the most important things to help her feel sexy about herself when she’s in bed with a man. When you’re making love with your women, make her feel loved and comfortable, and compliment her body or any other specific regions that you find sexy. Women love a man who boosts their ego in bed.

Talking Dirty: Yes, I’ve been a dirty talker for years.  It’s a type of oral sex that I found quite satisfying once I discovered that women love it too.  Not every woman loves it but more do than I ever thought possible.

More Experimentation: Women crave new things more than  men. Keep a drawer full of gadgets, extra batteries, and a copy of the Kama Sutra nearby.  A six pack or two of various flavored lubricants won’t hurt either.

A Little Danger: Dare to take a chance or two.  Sex in unusual places can be thrilling. I’ve ben known to try storerooms, closets, park benches, restroom stalls, and even cars upon occasion. Use your imagination, and you’ll be surprised at just how much risk many women are willing to take.

Satisfy her: Can you really enjoy sex if you don’t finish yourself off? Of course, you can’t. And for women, it works the same way. Don’t focus only on your own needs. Take it slow and warm her up, and don’t ejaculate until your woman has orgasmed first.

Give All of Her Your Attention: If you really want your woman to have a wild time in bed, don’t isolate yourself to just a place or two on her body. Focus on all of her, kiss her hands, lick her navel, kiss her toes, the back of her neck and everywhere else. If she moans you know you’re doing the right thing.

End It With Love: Afterplay is just as important as foreplay for a woman. Cuddle after sex and talk to each other for a few minutes. Add in a few kisses and compliments and she’ll love you for the great guy you are.

* * * 

You’ll notice I didn’t address the size and shape of male and female genitalia at all.  I just didn’t see the need.  Size can be important to some but in general I think it’s overrated.  Big breasts, little breasts, big penis little penis . . . . So what!  If you can successfully learn half of the items on the above list you’re likely to be a better lover regardless of size.

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