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Last week I offered up a trivia quiz which was more than a little difficult. So after being prompted by a younger reader I decided to do a quiz that is a little more up to date.  Although I’m forced to admit this quiz seems more like a current events test than trivia.

So lets get started.  I took this quiz myself and scored a measly six points.  That’s same mediocre results as the last quiz which really irritates the hell out of me.  Oh yes, one more thing, good luck Lily, let me know how you do.

* * *

1. Who won the 6th season of American Idol?

2. What type of forbidden weapons were Syria accused of using against its people?

3. What band, formerly fronted by Adam Gontier, released their album "Reborn" in 2013?

4. Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain all died at what age??

5. Who released the song Pata Pata with a non-English title?

6. What kind of house did Ed Sheeran sing about in his 2012-2013 hit?

7. What was the complete name of the most recent Indiana Jones film?

8. Which band’s 1994 self titled debut is commonly referred to as “The Blue Album?”

9. What happened to the two terrorists that instigated the Boston Marathon tragedy?

10. What is Miley Cyrus’s real name?

* * *

As usual the answers will be posted tomorrow.  Good luck to you folks over thirty.  Here’s a little joke to start your day.

Two old drunks in a bar. The first one says, "Ya know, when I was 30 and got a hard-on, I couldn’t bend it with either of my hands. By the time I was 40, I could bend it about 10 degrees if I tried really hard. "By the time I was 50, I could bend it about 20 degrees, no problem. I’m gonna be 60 next week, and now I can almost bend it in half with just one hand" "So," says the second drunk, "what’s your point?" "Well," says the first, "I’m just wondering how much stronger I’m gonna get!"

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