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I’ve just about made myself cross-eyed today.  I’ve been putting off for months what I’m in the middle of doing.  I decided that I’ve procrastinated long enough and the review of almost fifteen thousand photographs has begun. Once all of them has been reviewed and the duplicates eliminated I can then do a complete backup which will go into safe storage at another location.  It took me almost ten years of hard work to take these photos and I’m finding it difficult to discard any of them.  It’s the perfect Fall season job where I can sit back, relax and do things properly.

I take everything in high resolution mode and as you know that requires a great deal of memory for storage.  I thought three years ago that having a terabyte of hard drive memory would last me for many years.  I underestimated a little and now find my drive almost fifty percent full.  I may be forced into buying a large removable hard drive or signing up for one of those off-site backup systems through one of the those companies offering that service.

Winter is always the perfect time for such projects.  A few years ago I spent a great deal of my winter converting my extensive music CD collection to MP3’s.  It took a long time but was well worth the effort.  I find doing time consuming projects very relaxing and the more difficult the better.  I know it sounds stupid but it’s true none the less.

I’ve also decided that reindexing all of the photos is necessary because during my first years using an DSLR I was a newbie to digital photography and did what I consider to be a haphazard job. I’ll now spend a good portion of this Winter going back and redoing each and every one.  If my estimate is correct it should take me well into January to get it done right once and for all.

It should go a long way to help me in the creation of a number of photo books I’ve been considering. I discovered that without a thorough indexing job it’s possible for me to lose photo’s I remember taking.  It can frustrate the hell out of a person when your forced to manually search through thousands of pictures because you indexed one photo improperly.

Well, I have a lot to do over the next five months and I should get started.  No idle hands for me this Winter.

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  1. A terabyte? That’s a big byte.

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