04-23-2014 Journal Entry – More Garden Prep!   Leave a comment


I’m making today an official day of rest.  For you religious folk out there today is my Sunday.  No gardening, no home repairs, and no shopping.  It’s a do my workout, post my blog and relax kind of day.

I’ve been working steadily for the last week and one by one the projects and problems have been solved and accomplished. The damage caused by my better-half’s derrière to the garden’s raised bed has been repaired.  It wasn’t a tough job just a little time consuming.  It’s amazing to me just how in a few years time good old Mother Nature is can totally destroy a piece of untreated lumber. 


This was a raised bed I built a few years ago and in two years time I was forced to replace three sides of that rectangle. It was initially built with  untreated lumber I had laying around.  Three sides to the bed were totally rotted but the fourth side I didn’t replace at that time.  I used pressure treated lumber for the replacements, made the repair and moved on.  It was that remaining untreated board that I just finished replacing.  I tried to take it out in one piece but it crumbled in my hands as I lifted it out. Hopefully this repair will last a while longer and I won’t be replacing anything for quite some time.

I no sooner finished that piece of work when I started preparing for the next project on my Spring To-do List.  As I mentioned in my last post the set of steps on the rear of my house had been badly damaged by the falling ice and snow from the roof.  A quick trip back to Lowe’s to purchase another load of pressure treated lumber and I was ready to go.  In years past when this has happened I just replaced the broken railing with exactly what had been destroyed.  Not this time.


I spent some time designing a much heavier and stronger railing for those steps that I hope will stand up to next years ice fall.  I’ve tried everything to eliminate the ice problem including attempts to rake the roof with a snow rack with a twenty foot handle.  The back of the house is just too tall for that.  So the railing I just finished should be able to take the hit from the ice without exploding into a zillion pieces.  I won’t know until next Winter just how good or bad my design really is.  I can’t explain to you just how much ice we have on that roof and how much it really weighs.  I can tell you that when the ice finally let’s loose the entire house shakes on it’s foundation.  The first time I experienced it I almost had a heart attack, I thought we were having an earthquake.I put the finishing touches to it yesterday and I’m pleased with the results. That was the last major repair needed and now I can focus on the garden.

One of my smaller garden projects was to build another large cold frame. I built a small one and have been using it for a few years and it’s saved me a lot of money in plant replacements. With this screwed up Maine weather another large cold frame makes a lot of sense,  I’m also building one for the better-half’s daughter who has created her own garden over the last two years that is slowly turning into something special.


During our house remodel a few years ago I rescued a few windows and put them into storage.  They make the perfect top for cold frames.  I finished mine this week and have hers almost completed.  Once they’re both installed I can finish the cultivating of the garden and get the fabric placed into the frames.  I do the fabric installation early in the Spring which helps to warm the soil in the frames and eliminated the weed problem. Once that’s complete I’ll remove the plants from the cold frames and replant them one final time.  Then it’s sit back and watch them grow until late summer when the canning can begin.

It seems the springtime work is never done and unfortunately it never is.  It’s been requested that I frequently update the progress of this garden through the summer months and into harvest time.  I’ll be doing just that and will try to keep it interesting with as many photos as possible. 

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