06-01-2014 Journal Entry–The Texas Trip!   Leave a comment

I’ve spent the last few days complaining about United Airlines and the  terrible time they gave me while traveling. So today maybe I should calm down and thank my nephew for being such a good host. I’d hate to make people think that my entire Memorial Day weekend had been totally ruined because of an unfortunate incident when it really wasn’t.

I managed to drag my camera around with us during my visit and took a few hundred photos.  I thought I’d share some of them with you today,  These first few are of the highlight of the trip as far as crazy delicious food was concerned. The name of the place is The Hard Eight and this was the line at the entrance when we arrived.  You could smell that barbecue for miles around.



As we waited in line the smell of cooking meat was overwhelming and as we approached the grill station it got even worse. This is their outrageous version of a menu hanging on the wall.


And then you walk to the grill and see this.


You can almost smell it just by looking at these pictures.  You choose your meat, it’s placed on a tray covered with wax paper, it’s weighed and priced and then your off to the dining room to choose your side dishes.




We enjoyed the band playing C&W music as we ate and OMG was it incredible.  We ate until we couldn’t move and then just sat there to enjoy the atmosphere for a few minutes.  The prices were reasonable and I’d recommend this establishment to anyone going anywhere near Dallas.  It’s barbecue heaven.

This was just day one of the trip and I have many more photo’s that will follow in the next week or so.  I also feel somewhat obligated to introduce all of you to my new best friend and Texas bedmate. She made me feel right at  home and actually snored and kicked less than my better-half does in Maine. Her name is Pepper.


Thanks for a great time Mike.

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