06-03-2014 Journal Entry–Small Projects!   Leave a comment

We’re having a rainy, gray, and gloomy day today with little or no chance of sunshine.  It’s an inside day where I can catch up on a myriad of small tasks that I tend to ignore so I can go out and enjoy the nice weather.   Honestly it doesn’t take much for me to blow off these tasks but unfortunately the list keeps getting longer and longer until I’m forced to do something.


I’ve been in the process of redesigning my  man-cave which requires a few large tasks and many smaller ones.  Sometime ago I ordered two wooden wine boxes. They arrived two weeks ago and were immediately stored away and pretty much forgotten.  Today is their day.


Yesterday I made a short trip to one of my favorite retailers, Michael’s.  My aim is to line both boxes with felt and to create brackets to hold many of my glass wine making tools.  They include a small collection of hydrometers, a large thermometer, vinometer, and a wine thief.  The hydrometer is used for measuring the sugar content of the wine during fermentation.  The thermometer is a long one that is used to measure temperatures of the "must" in the earliest stages of fermentation. The vinometer is a small glass device that uses small samples of wine to determine alcohol content and proof. Lastly the wine thief is just a glass tube used to extract samples of wine in the final stages of fermentation to test the flavor and finish. I added a spray adhesive to my purchases along with four sheets of royal blue felt and two pieces of balsa wood.  I was ready to get to work.


“The Finished Product”

In years past I’d been forced to replace these delicate devices due primarily to my clumsiness during moving from place to place or during general use. Hopefully this small project will keep future damages and costs to a minimum.  I returned home and began pulling out old file folders from my archives looking for a collection of old and unique wine labels I’d collected many years ago.  A perfect decorative addition to these  boxes.


A few hours later I had one box completed to my satisfaction and the second coming along nicely.  I should have the second one completed tomorrow and then I can move on to the next task on my list.  The bigger tasks of building a new siphoning table and shelving units can wait until the better-half has vacated the premises and is on her way to the left coast.

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