06-09-2014 Journal Entry–Mish Mosh!   Leave a comment

I’m feeling somewhat so-so today.  I’ve got the blah’s for some unknown reason and it’s making me a little crazier than usual.  I have a number of small projects to do but my motivation has disappeared.  It shouldn’t be this way but it is.  Even though the weather is beautiful, the house, garden, and yards look as good as they ever have, I’m still blahhhhhh.

Todays title is mish/mosh and it’s the perfect descriptor of where my head is at.  Todays posting will contain almost anything that crosses my mind with no rhyme or reason. To start off this list of so-so crap will be today’s celebration of a stupid flower.  For years my better-half and I wanted to find and to grow white iris’s.  We have hundreds of blue or purple iris’s but white ones seem difficult to find.  Last summer we stumbled on a white iris plant that we purchased, gently planted, watered, and babied hoping against hope to see a bloom this year.  Our wish was granted this week when this bloom made it’s first appearance.


I can’t believe I actually became excited by this but such is my life these days. Every little special moment must be celebrated no matter how lame I may have thought things like this were in the past.  With that in mind here are a few updated photo’s of the garden and yards now that the weather has warmed and the plants are really taking off.



As you can see I have chives growing every where.  The main reason is exactly what you see, gorgeous blooms throughout the garden. Later I’ll harvest them and have dried chives for cooking next winter.  It’s just a beautiful plant for those of us who love beautiful flowers and the always delicious taste of onions.


Over the years our herb and vegetable garden has changed dramatically as we experiment with plants that can be easily stored, canned or frozen for our own use.  Most of the herbs are culinary with the exception of the catnip, apple mint, spearmint, and peppermint.  The catnip is permitted only because it’s removal would really piss off the neighbor’s cat if he couldn’t stop over for a buzz every so often. The mints can be used for tea or potpourri when dried but we don’t use them all that much.  They just supply a wonderful aroma as you walk through the garden.


There you have it, another posting of my disturbingly blah day.  The better-half and I have an upcoming day trip to Kennebunkport, Maine which should make for a few interesting photographs of the harbor and surrounding area. That should make my next posting a bit more interesting . . .  or not.

BLAH ! ! !

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