06—7-2014 Journal Entry–Texas, Day Three!   Leave a comment

I figure by now most of you are tired of hearing about my Texas trip and I understand completely.  While I understand I still have one more day from the that trip I need to tell you about.  It was my final day in Dallas before my ill fated flight home.

The day started with an omelet cooked superbly by my nephew and was filled to the brim with diced jalapenos.  If that doesn’t get your heart started then there’s something very wrong with you. We then took a cruise in my nephew Mustang.  It’s a car he’s spent a great deal of time and money getting as perfect as possible.  It is one beautiful machine and it rode like a dream and was as fast as lightning.


While cruising around the metroplex we did a little people watching and ran into a mobile Texas furniture store parked in a mall parking lot.  We saw a number of these vehicles during my short visit and it fascinated me.  It’s definitely not something I’m used to seeing here in Maine.


We eventually arrived at the Texas Land and Cattle restaurant and I was really looking forward to another excellent meal.  I wasn’t disappointed.



As you would expect the interior was all Texas all of the time.  These two wall decorations and this saddle display were very cool and brought home the western ambiance in a big way.




The meal was a piece of soft and tender smoked sirloin with jalapeño sauce. The asparagus was cooked perfectly and was almost as tender as the sirloin.



We finished the meal and made our way home because I always need my beauty sleep before I go a-flying.  I wasn’t really looking forward to my flight even though I’ve flown hundreds of times. I just hate flying and airplanes in general.  That’s one of the reasons I liked skydiving so much.  I’d rather jump out of a plane than depend on an unknown pilot to get me down safely.

This last photo was taken at Reagan National airport in DC at 3:00 am the next morning, where I was sleeping on the floor of the terminal.  It’s the ceiling of the terminal from that perspective.  I couldn’t sleep so a snapped a few pictures.



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