07-29-2014 Journal Entry – My Favorite Addiction!   1 comment


These days it’s become chic to announce your addiction, get your 15 minutes of attention, and then check into some over priced and ridiculous rehab center.  It apparently makes a person something of a celebrity when they can gain sympathy for having the good sense to go to rehab.  It’s a lot of nonsense to be sure but it is what it is, you get to be the final judge. It"s worked for more celebrities than I could possibly name but Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen immediately come to mind.

I need to step up myself.  Being a former smoker I realize just what an addiction is and how difficult it can be to stop.  It’s been some thirty years since I last smoked but as one addiction is disposed of others then become a real possibility.  I drank a little too much for a time but eventually was able to put that behind me and there were a few other minor things like green M&M’s, chocolate of any kind, and Tootsie pops.  I seem to require at least one ongoing addiction at all times.


About fifteen years ago I became hooked on something new which has become my all time biggest addiction and there doesn’t appear to be any rehab facility anywhere to address this problem.  The first step in any twelve step program is to admit you have a problem and I’m here today to do just that.  Here it comes. I AM ADDICTED TO JALAPEÑO PEPPERS!!!!!  I feel so much better now that I’ve finally shouted that out to the entire world (meaning this blog).

Yesterday I was running errands and doing some food shopping when I drove past my favorite Vietnamese market.  I stop there often because they carry a huge assortment of southeast Asian spices and food products that I was introduced to while serving in the Far East for a few years.  They also carry a wide assortment of fruits and veggies priced well below other food retailers in the area.  What did I find? They were having a huge sale on jalapeños and I was immediately caught up in the excitement of the moment.  I was out of control with desire and immediately purchased twelve pounds of some of the most beautiful jalapeno peppers I’ve ever seen. I made the purchase and couldn’t wait to speed home with my peppers .

I decided to pickle and can them as quickly as possible. I currently eat at least a jar a week and when your buying them off-the-shelf from a Walmart or Hannaford it can get a little pricey.  I had enough peppers to fill at least twelve pint jars which would tide me over through a couple of months during the upcoming winter.  I took a few minutes to develop a recipe for a brine, wrote it all down, and checked my canning supplies to be sure I had a sufficient number of jars to get the job done. With my jalapeño peppers in one hand and a cutting board in the other I was ready to begin.



I put on two pair of latex gloves to protect my hands, I plopped my ass in front of the TV, and watched a movie while slicing the jalapeños.  That’s what we call a night of relaxation in this house.  An hour or so later the job was done and the peppers stored in the refrigerator to await canning tomorrow. Thank God for latex gloves!


It’s now tomorrow and here are the jalapenos fresh from their water bath.  In a month or so they’ll be ready to eat whenever I get the craving.  I’ll keep my eyes open to purchase more if I can find them because I can never have enough.  That’s how an addiction works.

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